I wonder if this was her truck

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Yesterday while driving around I got stuck in traffic behind a pickup truck with so many “Impeach George Bush” bumper stickers stuck to the back window that I wondered how the driver could see out of it.

Gears and Gauds

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Ooh, Lynn has links to Steampunk stuff, including how-tos and gifts! I love this stuff but a lot of it is expensive and/or beyond my skill to create. However, this kerosene lantern/cooker is a good start. I love things with more than one purpose.


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Hmm… except for a few minor details (like the beer can pyramid — I have a wine bottle and ginger ale can pyramid, etc.) this “retrosexual man” sounds a whole lot like me.

(Via various frustrated male bloggers.)

And now for something completely different

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Random stuff:

— Watching one of the old episodes of Doctor Who that features Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart after watching an episode of Monty Python that has a sketch featuring comic takeoffs of British military types adds a whole new layer of… something… to the experience.

— I’ve been wanting to point this out for a while: CSI Miami’s Horatio Caine character has become a joke worldwide. Proof: in the episode “Utopia” from the last season of Doctor Who, David Tennant’s Doctor does a Caine-sunglass-thing in reverse in one scene (instead of putting on his eyeglasses to make the “Horatio Caine quip” remark, he takes them off). I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it; that’s just a little too meta even for one of Russell T. Davies’ scripts. Somebody slap that man.

— Speaking of David Tennant, there’s a snippet here of a review of Casanova from the Guardian that describes his character as: “bouncing and jumping and throbbing through the part like a human erection.” Yup, the Guardian reviewer called Tennant a dick. Secret Tory voter? Or just another case of the Grauniad strikes again? (IR, most likely the insular British reviewer didn’t know American slang.)

— You want to clean your innards out? The heck with all those fiber supplements, ladies — eat some corn. I was going to go run a few errands. That was before last night’s veg out (corn broccoli carrots on brown rice) kicked in. Well that’s one way to lose weight.

— Speaking of CSI Miami, the show’s tendency to have all its scenes, including the aerial beach shots, filmed in saturated orange color, is very annoying, and makes Miami look like no place on Earth. (Maybe Gallifrey.) I can tell you right now that having grown up and lived most of my life in Miami that we rarely have an orange sunset, much less an entire environment that looks as if it were drenched in Tang. Even when all of Central Florida was on fire back in the Nineties and the smoke came all the way down south we didn’t get that effect. (Everything just looked sort of dull grayish-brown, like, you know, ash.) I guess it’s the show’s way of saying “We’re not Miami Vice, this isn’t the Eighties, etc.” Well I’m sorry to inform everyone that Miami Vice’s famous white-pink-aqua color scheme wasn’t an effect; Miami really did and still does look like that, not like a vat of orange juice with buildings in it.

For you: Siouxsie and the Banshees — “Israel

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While I think of something new to write…

That elusive “vote for McCain” reason captured at last

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Under President Obama we just may have to also endure John Kerry as Secretary of State. Um. No.

(Via Ace of Spades HQ.)

May 30th Update: and here’s another one! And in further honor of La Sarandon… (bonus Italian subtitles!)

I’m not here

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Hi kids! Sorry, lotta things to do today. Well, some things. For instance, I finally was up late enough last night to observe my back patio being flooded by a busted irrigation pipe, as I told my landlord days ago. I even took pictures. Here is one. (It will open in a new window.) No, that’s not an ornamental pond, that’s supposed to be a bed of mulch.

And then I have a bunch of other errands to run, so I may not get back to this box before night. C ya.

Update: oh, a couple more things before I go. First, I finally broke down and closed two tabs at once in my Firefox browser. Oh! I am a wild woman! (Take that, punitive little “are you sure you really want to do that Dave?” message that pops up every time I click on the window close box instead of the tab close.)

And second: I am not sure that the spectacle of thousands of women having to commit the degrading act of prostituting themselves during wartime for food, shelter, and safety should be described as a “liberating” “sex romp.” (Via Kathy Shaidle.)

We’re doomed

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Uh oh.

More links to new blogs coming up. Looks like my blogroll’s gonna get an overhaul…

Postcards not from Paradise

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On the internet you can always find someone who has even more time on their hands than you.

(This is my current favorite. No, wait — this one. No… it’s this one… because John Stamos is so dreamy! That, or the sight of him will drive you insane, I dunno…)

“Plastic should be warm and dry”

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Hey, remember a few years back when inflatable plastic furniture was a brief rage? You didn’t buy any of that stuff, did you?