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Hmm… except for a few minor details (like the beer can pyramid — I have a wine bottle and ginger ale can pyramid, etc.) this “retrosexual man” sounds a whole lot like me.

(Via various frustrated male bloggers.)

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  1. blogstrop Says:

    I have a theory that the feminist movement got a lot of momentum from libertarians (like Germaine, a fully paid up member … oh, never mind). In the end, humans aren’t that evolved, and revert to type. We want security, food and sex. Those so-called conservative values deliver all of it, plus some cushy upholstery. If you are free of jealousy, you might be free of commitment, or incapable of real love.
    Feminism promised to overturn the status quo and free women to achive so much more. Here in Australia the end result is that you need two parents working to barely afford a house plus the now mandatory (and expensive) daytime childcare. Not a great bargain for the modern mum. My wife is so pleased she was able to stay at home for ten years with the young ones.
    Retro is often good. Retro and sexual … could be even better!

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