I want one

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It would look lovely in the entrance hall to my Secret Mountain Lair: Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine is finally built. (Warning: link is to a video that starts automatically.)

Via Ace of Spades, taking a break from politics and sex.

Gears and Gauds

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Ooh, Lynn has links to Steampunk stuff, including how-tos and gifts! I love this stuff but a lot of it is expensive and/or beyond my skill to create. However, this kerosene lantern/cooker is a good start. I love things with more than one purpose.

Fads come and go, but brass goggles are forever

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The NYT jumps on the Steampunk bandwagon.

(Via the Flea.)

PS: thanks everyone for your generous donations! Oh, and just a reminder to the trolls and gloaters who have been trying to post and trackback and otherwise bring attention to their own pitiful, sour little corners of the web: your comments and trackbacks will be deleted and your memberships roundfiled; I have no interest in anything you have to say.

Evening Update: ooh, when I take over the earth and implement my Reign of Terror Trembling and Delight, the offices in my Secret Underground Lair will look like this. (Via John Weidner.)

Mouse of Steel

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I don’t know if it can deflect bullets or leap a tall building in a single jump, but it sure looks cool.


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By the way, let me remind everyone now that May is my birthday month.

(Via the Flea.)

Eye Candy Night

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Don’t say I never gave you nuthin’ — I do believe I’ve found my (better looking) alter ego:


There’s more neat stuff here. And now what I would really like is for some nice person to make me a WordPress Steampunk theme. I’d do it, but I seem to have lost the necessary patience to fool around with web page design that I once had. Or I’ll just take a raygun — a working model.

Lord Vader

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Steampunk Darth Vader. Kewl.