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Oh, I get it. Hee! It’ll be a nice mind-cleanser every time I have to see that commercial about the commemorative Obama plate on HGTV.

The Sore Winner saga continues

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You must read this comment thread where a supposedly rabid McCain supporter calling himself “Hank the Tank” attempts to turn others against Sarah Palin by repeating old slams (such as the “embarrassing Couric interview” one), and is exposed several comments later as being an Obama supporter, one “Nick.” Ace’s site, see, uses a special IP identifier for commenters, so troll sock puppets like this one can be exposed. But that’s not the funny thing — the funny thing is that the sock puppet keeps on commenting, trying to defend himself as just wanting to have a “spirited debate.” Oh — and “Hank the Tank” a.k.a. “Nick” also claimed to be a vet, prompting many of the commenters to initially treat him with some respect before his unmasking. But liberals are our betters, right?

On a related note, another commenter linked to this article in the Times Online by one Tim Shipman, in which the very first paragraph contains long-since disproved slams against Sarah Palin and her rally audiences — for example, the one where someone was supposed to have yelled “kill him!” — an allegation later found to be bullshit. Mr. Shipman also cleverly claims her rallies had a “lynch mob” atmosphere. Yet despite all the racists frothing for Obama’s blood, he somehow got elected! Fancy that. The kicker? The only source Mr. Shipman gives for all of his allegations is “a Newsweek history of the campaign.” So a “reporter” for the mighty UK Times can read an article in an American weekly newsfroth magazine, write an column that’s basically a synopsis of the Newsweek article, send it in, and it gets published. What can I say except congratulations, dude, on getting such a sweet paying gig. Real writers actually have to come up with their own words — but you, Mr. Shipman, can just cut and paste stuff you read on Huffington Post three weeks ago and your bosses will give you money for it! I’d go for a job like that — except for that darn smidgen of integrity I have! I blame my parents — they insisted on teaching me that lies and gossip were bad things.

Palin Post of the Day

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Sarah Palin’s favorable ratings among Republican voters: 91%. This despite the fact that some high school glee club rejects on McCain’s staff are taking out their rage at losing the election by blaming it on her. I hope they get good jobs in the Obama administration. For example, his kids’ new puppy will need someone to clean up after it. (Via Jim Treacher.)

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