I wonder if this was her truck

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Yesterday while driving around I got stuck in traffic behind a pickup truck with so many “Impeach George Bush” bumper stickers stuck to the back window that I wondered how the driver could see out of it.

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  1. Crossie Says:

    Andrea, I was much more fortunate than you when stuck in traffic recently. In front of me was an SUV with “Adventure before Dementia” as part of its paintwork. No, it was not advertising a tour operator.

  2. Skubie Says:

    I live near – not in – Seattle. Fortunately I’m out in the sticks, where even the Dems drive pickups with gun racks. Heck, even the gays drive pickups with guns racks, and maybe a “W” sticker too.

    While Seattle claims ot be a tolerant, diversity worshipping place, you do not want to have a Bush-Cheney sticker on your car there (I don’t have one on my car here, but that isn’t the point). People have had their cars keyed, windows broken, houses vandalized, for displaying the improper political stickers.

    Out here in rural Washington nobody gives a rip what you want to stick on your car. And even if they did, they’d keep it to themselves since nearly all of us carry. Heinlein was right – an armed society is a polite society.

  3. blogstrop Says:

    Some people have just the one idea.

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