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Hi kids! Sorry, lotta things to do today. Well, some things. For instance, I finally was up late enough last night to observe my back patio being flooded by a busted irrigation pipe, as I told my landlord days ago. I even took pictures. Here is one. (It will open in a new window.) No, that’s not an ornamental pond, that’s supposed to be a bed of mulch.

And then I have a bunch of other errands to run, so I may not get back to this box before night. C ya.

Update: oh, a couple more things before I go. First, I finally broke down and closed two tabs at once in my Firefox browser. Oh! I am a wild woman! (Take that, punitive little “are you sure you really want to do that Dave?” message that pops up every time I click on the window close box instead of the tab close.)

And second: I am not sure that the spectacle of thousands of women having to commit the degrading act of prostituting themselves during wartime for food, shelter, and safety should be described as a “liberating” “sex romp.” (Via Kathy Shaidle.)

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  1. kae Says:

    Kewl, you gotta pool.

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