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Okay, the position at Walmart that I’m slated for is garden cashier (that’s the cashier by the garden department, duh) on evenings and weekends. I’m pretty well hired, I just have to pass my drug test (and there’s no reason I shouldn’t). The pay isn’t the greatest — it looks like it will be $7.40 per hour for a max of 32 hours per week. It’s better than the zero I’ve been getting, though, and the hours of the position leave the rest of the day available for another job. However, barring a miracle I’m not going to make the March rent much less the April. I talked to my apartment manager and told her I was trying every avenue, but I’m pretty well tapped out, so I don’t know what to do except to beg for more donations! By the way, I’d like to thank the two people who (so far) have donated via Amazon — these donors are anonymous, or else I haven’t gotten the email notification from Amazon. And anyone else who has donated who hasn’t at least received a “thank you” email from me, I promise I’ll get one to you ASAP!

Oh — and it is too laugh: just as I was leaving the house for Walmart I get a phone call from someone else I applied with who knows when, and then as I am waiting for my third interview at Walmart (they run you through three supervisors for some reason) I get another call from one of the other placement agencies with a possible full-time position. So I have an interview set up for tomorrow with the first folk and my resume in with the second. Maybe, eventually, if not my ship than at least a raft will come in.

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  1. kc (prairiecat) Says:

    Yay Andrea!

  2. Cbear Says:

    Great news.. well done Andrea.. always good to see some of the silver lining peek out. Drug test? Really? Is that required everywhere in the US now? even for part time? Amazing.. what’s next? an embedded microchip to prove identity and citizenship? Sheesh, shades of Orwell..

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    I don’t know about the rest of the US, but they’ve been doing it in Florida for years.

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  5. Brett_McS Says:

    It’s back door Orwellianism, via the CYA private sector. The government won’t have to bother.

    BTW, I hit the tip jar. Hope it helps.

  6. kc (prairiecat) Says:

    Cuz y’know what you do in your off-time MATTERS to them if it’s illegal…personally, I think it bites.

    Son-in-law has 2nd interview with a medical supply warehouse today. Having the Most Beautiful Granddaughter this early kinda cuts into my blog-reading time!

    Good luck on that full-time one, Andrea!

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  8. marcp Says:

    The excuse for the drugs test at Sears in Florida was that I would be working in Receiving i.e. presumably in a position where I would have every access to pilfer etc etc. I found out within the first week that everyone hired does the test, ha. Good luck at Wal-mart!

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