Yes, there is a Santa Claus

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And I’ll bet he eats reindeer sausage.

I don’t know about you, but my estimation of Ikea just went up a little from that report. I mean, I love their cheap Swedish-designed crap assembled into flat packs by Chinese political prisoners like anyone else, but selling reindeer meat during the holidays? That takes balls. I wonder if they have any at my local store… (Probably not, I do live near Disney World after all — God forbid some tourist decide to stop by for Swedish meatballs and see that Donder and Blitzen are shrinkwrapped and ready for snacking…)


Update: “Venison! Venison! Venison!” (About 4 minutes in.)

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  1. ricki Says:

    I think “Donder and Blitzen” is going to be my new seasonal euphemism for…well, the part of the anatomy that resembles meatballs….

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