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There’s been some talk back and forth on how to properly respond to being in the opposition once more. Some want us to be “dignified” — as in, don’t fight dirty like the Bush-haters, it will only make us look as bad as them, etc. Others are saying hells no, after the way we’ve been treated for eight years they deserve to get it back in spades. What I say is: no matter what you do, remember that we don’t need to use the other side’s rhetorical sticks and stones — we’re the ones who have the intelligence to know how to use stilettos and rapiers. And we have this in our favor as well: we have the truth. All the left has is lies.

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  1. Patrick Chester Says:

    So… no giant paper mache heads or pictures depicting Obama as a vampire and such?


    Can we use compassionate head-tilts? πŸ™‚

  2. Brett_McS Says:

    “..we have the truth. All the left has is lies.”

    Or, as Margaret Thatcher put it: “Reality is conservative”.

  3. Jim C. Says:

    “And we have this in our favor as well: we have the truth. All the left has is lies.”

    And it didn’t win the election.

    Remember the old saying, “A lie goes around the world while the truth is putting its shoes on.”

  4. Patrick Chester Says:

    Did it? Was the truth about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae used by the McCain campaign? No. He used the “Wall Street greed” meme.

    That’s one thing that wasn’t used.

  5. Andrea Harris Says:

    I’m not talking about the McCain campaign and its unwise decision to use many of the same ideas as the left (such as blaming everything on mean old capitalists and their greed, etc.) — I’m talking about us. And what I mean is we should not do the same thing the Bush-haters did and make shit up. For one thing, we don’t have to. And isn’t it interesting that lefties seem to feel — the process isn’t “thinking” as we know the term — that they have to use lies against their opponents. What that says to me is that the truth won’t make the opposition look bad, but rather the opposite. So out comes the “Rethuglikkkans are racist!” “Bush lied” and so on.

  6. aelfheld Says:

    Mr. Muir puts it better than I.

  7. Annoying Old Guy Says:

    Absolutely. The reality is plenty bad enough. As Ms. Harris points out, if you have to lie about your opponent to make him look bad, you should really rethink your opposition.

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