Is somebody feeling guilty?

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You know, I’m not sure what I feel about this. My natural tendency is to say “Ew, get away!” My more civilized tendencies (I haven’t removed all the implants yet) want me to say “Aww, that’s sweet.” I suppose it would all depend on just how many of these people didn’t spend the past eight years calling people like me racist fascist babykilling warmongers. And as that’s something I’ll probably never know…

(Via Jim Treacher’s comments.)

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  1. Jim C. Says:

    I’m sure. It’s like a man who beats his wife for years and then gives her a greeting card and expects her to be ecstatic. They really ARE psychopaths.

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Maybe not the young kids, they’re just starting out in life, there’s still time for them to learn. (After all, I used to be a Democrat. Then I put away childish things, etc.) But the older people? You will not regain your lost youth this way, folks.

  3. nightwitch Says:

    Just so Jim C. I’ve been calling it the Ike Turner school of politics for a while. My favorite example of this is the “Had enough? Vote Democrat” signs and bumper stickers.

    And these look like the same compassionate head tilters that did that “We’re sorry world” campaign after the ’04 election. We should do that this time round, except aim it at places like Taiwan and Georgia and Israel.

  4. Brett_McS Says:

    Could be guilt. Though some of the smart(er!) ones are perhaps feeling a little nervous about the promised bright and shining future and are looking for a little company in case it goes a bit pear shaped.

  5. McGehee Says:

    All I ever promised anyone was I wouldn’t spit in their eye if they didn’t spit in mine.

  6. aelfheld Says:

    The Left never feels guilt – that implies a sense of responsibility which, as the ever-increasing number of failed government programs shows, they utterly lack.

    When the Left gets all mawkish and hug-a-bear I advise grabbing the nearest object that can be used as a weapon and making a careful exit, keeping them in your sight the while.

  7. McGehee Says:

    When the Left gets all mawkish and hug-a-bear I advise grabbing the nearest object that can be used as a weapon and…

    I was with you through all of that — but then you lost me.

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