Electile Dysfunction

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I suppose you’re wondering why I haven’t started writing about the election* again. Well, as much as I was posting about anything, which wasn’t much… Well, let’s just say I had my brain taken over by my personal problems for a bit, and now that they have eased up some, I feel myself able to think again of other things besides my own narrow world. But I just can’t think about the election anymore. I wish it was November 5 so it could all be over with. (All but the screaming.) I think I am on political nonsense overload. I think what did it was that guy who wrote a column about how calling Barack Obama a socialist is racist because “socialist” is codeword for “African-American.” That did it. My brain said “OK that’s it. Don’t make me use the aneurysm. Go look for silly Doctor Who dvd caps with LOLcats commentary now or I will bust a vein.”

So there you have it. I have to stop because of health reason. Swears.

Auughh! I accidentally glanced at Ace of Spades! It burns! It burnsssss… Medic!

Ah. There. That’s… better?

(*You were expecting something political there, weren’t you. Suckas!)

Update: back to the important Doctor Who stuff — yep, I so agree.

I cannot unsee what I sawded: W.T.F. That one is definitely not safe. For anything. OMGMINDBLEACH

6 Responses to “Electile Dysfunction”

  1. Patrick Chester Says:

    Oh sure, you cannot unsee that last one so you provide a link knowing SOMEONE will follow it.

    (“The goggles! They block nothing!”)

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    That whole website means I’ll never be able to watch my dvds the same way.

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    Never. The Same. Way.

  4. McGehee Says:

    You are a deeply disturbed individual.

    You must be reading my blog more than I thought.

  5. Andrea Harris Says:

    No, actually, ever since I discovered that Ceiling Cat has his own web site, I don’t need to read any other website ever again. The internet is finally complete!

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