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Heads up, all you media people who have been shoving diabetes-inducing sugary-sweet cute kiddies-infested “HATE is a four-letter word,” “if you can’t say anything nice missy then don’t say anything at all” rancid slop down my throat for my ENTIRE life

There’s a reason that Severus Snape is considered by many fans of the stories to be their favorite character in the Harry Potter universe. I think he is followed in popularity only by Lucius Malfoy. Okay, those were some scary links.

Anyway… this outcry was prompted by reading this about the TV series 24 — which by the way I’ve never watched, I just think it’s a shame that yet another apparently hard-hitting and gritty show is going to be shoved into the Very Special Lesson cesspool — as well as months of having to endure television commercials on how we should teach our kids not to hate anyone — really, including, say, pedophiles who rape and kill children? After all, hate would at least keep the kid from feeling he should get in the car with the strange man — and recently two extremely obnoxious Global Warming Will Kill Cuddly Things spots, one by the World Wildlife Federation (due to the length, the lies told — it uses those shots of polar bears floating on ice floes as emotional manipulation devices, images which we know to have been edited in such a way as to not show the fact that the bears were floating next to much larger and more solid ice sheets which they could easily reach by their usual method of just swimming over to them — and the gulpy sobbing voice of the actress they used I have resolved never to give them a dime in contribution); and another by some website which uses the anti-appeal of a Cute Widdle Kids montage of them each saying “Tick.” “Tick.” “Tick.” “Tick.”"Tick.” until I hit the mute button lest I put my fist through the television. All it makes me want to do is “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” “Slap!” their smugly stern little faces. Way to get me on your side, Glopaholics.

But it’s always been like this. Dealing with what our so-called entertainment media sees fit to serve up to us here in the US of A has always been an exercise in torment for anyone who thinks that art should not take a back seat to teaching five-year-olds how to share their toys. Unfortunately to get into power in this country (and probably others, but I know my own country the best so I’ll just focus on America right now) you have to be the sort of person who really believes that the rest of the nation is comprised of toddlers clutching their dollies stubbornly to their chests. I don’t think I have to give any examples, do I? Just think of the upcoming election, or look at the night’s television schedule. The media, of course, is part of the powers that run this country. Back when I was young the problem was an entertainment industry hamstrung by the need to be “proper” according to the standards of no later than twenty years previous. In the Sixties and Seventies that meant the Forties and Fifties was the touchstone of progress, and Depression-era decorum was the norm, which meant only women on TV wore white gloves and hats when they went outdoors. Today, in the supposedly progressive first decade of the 21st century, our Baby Boomer-run media empire has stalled in those halcyon days when women considered themselves “emancipated” if they were living with bearded stoners, being called “my old lady,” and serving mushroom tea instead of coffee to all the bearded stoner’s bearded stoner pals. There have been a few attempts to crawl at least into the Reagan era, but for the most part we’re stuck in the commune, and the natives are no more tolerant of “different” viewpoints than the squares of Eld were.

(The title, by the way, is a quote from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie, and is Snape’s response to Harry’s memory of a photo of his parents waving and smiling at him. I know, I know — but I don’t know if I’d be able to stop myself from saying it either, and I like Harry. But Snape is my Evil Unreal Boyfriend, or maybe Counterpart.)

Update: more details here, in case you didn’t go to the link in Ace’s post.

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  1. Pages tagged "evil" Says:

    [...] bookmarks tagged evil I may vomit saved by 2 others     mononokeuchiha bookmarked on 02/04/08 | [...]

  2. The_Real_JeffS Says:

    Yeah, I read about that. Made me gag…..if John Wayne were still alive, some movie executive would push for a movie that had Wayne apologizing to the Japanese and Indians for being so mean and unkind.

    The Duke would punch that executive in the nose, of course.

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    Unlike most conservatives, I’m not a huge John Wayne fan — I can take him or leave him — but yeah, I can’t even see him becoming any kind of movie star in today’s PC (and Body Beautiful) climate. He might be acceptable as a tv star — of “gritty” detective shows on the order of Law and Order and the like.

  4. The_Real_JeffS Says:

    Sadly true. Andrea, sadly true.

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