Headlines I didn’t want to see

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Try “Fay Predicted To Rage Into Hurricane, Slam Florida Again” on for size. And then there’s the byline: “Forecaster: ‘I’m Afraid This Is Going To Be The Week Of Fay.'” Um. Can you wrap your head around the concept of “shut up” or maybe “don’t tempt fate” (or Fay)? All I can say is… God just doesn’t want me to go to the beach this summer. (I will say though, that so far Fay has been kind of a disappointment. I’ve had more rain during a regular rainstorm.)

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  1. kc (prairiecat) Says:

    I was amazed to see the precip forecast as less than 100% – does that mean the rain is gonna miss some of us in the WJXT viewing area!?

    Locked & loaded here, invites out to kids & a few friends in case they need shelter. I don’t have much, but I got concrete block walls & metal roof, with a small generator & a freezer & pantry with enough food for several days IF NEED BE…but we won’t need it. That’s MY prediction.

  2. marcp Says:

    Very disappointing here in Cape Coral: was hoping for my first hurricane! and just got rain and ill-tempered housemates not going to work and otherwise ‘staying in’ because of said rain; pft.

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