Happy Birthday to me

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Today’s my birthday! Er, hooray?

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  1. Skeeter Says:

    Have a good one, Andrea

  2. marcp Says:

    Happy birthday! be careful if you go out today, please.

  3. The_Wizard_of WOZ Says:

    Happy Birthday Andrea. 21 again? I’ll have a drink on your behalf.

  4. Andrea Harris Says:

    Considering it’s Memorial Day Weekend, aka “Another Excuse to Drink Beer and Fire Guns Into the Air” in Florida, I think I’ll be staying indoors most of the time.

  5. kc (prairiecat) Says:

    Happy Birthday, Andrea! I’d have to go along with staying indoors most of the time – and not just in Florida. I remember being part of an “Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms”-drenched weekend in Omaha…on a kitchen chair in the back of the pickup, headed to trade in the empty keg for a full one…on Saturday, at noon.

    My FAVORITE Memorial Day weekend was last year, when Lovely Daughter & Her Handsome Young Man got married…it was a beautiful happy day with most of my favorite people. Since we won’t be doing that this year, I’ll settle for weeding my garden & watching baseball on tv, in honor of Andrea’s Birthday & my kids anniversary.

  6. Burbank Says:

    Happy Birthday Andrea! There are drinks, I hope.

  7. Guy S Says:

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!! May your candle count be low, your present count be high, and just the right amount of Long Island Iced Teas to make the day go by in a happy haze!!

  8. Sharon Ferguson Says:

    Happy Birthday, Andrea!!

  9. Spiny Norman Says:

    Have a happy!


  10. Paco Says:

    Happy B-Day, Andrea!

    That thing about people firing guns in the air in Florida is correct. When I lived in Miami years ago, almost any holiday was an excuse for a couple of guys I knew to go outside and fire their pistols. Kind of like a Palestinian wedding.

  11. Celaeno Says:

    Best Wishes, Andrea! Keep the cats out of the cake, and have a great day.

  12. aelfheld Says:


  13. Harry Bergeron Says:

    Happy Birfday to you,
    Happy Birfday tooo yooo,

    You know the rest!

  14. lilacrose Says:

    Happy Birthday, Andrea! πŸ˜€

  15. RRRyan Says:

    Many happy returns.

  16. stackja1945 Says:

    I join the chorus. Happy day.

  17. Patrick Chester Says:

    Er, Happy DayAfterBirthday! (…this is what I get for not keeping up with blogs on the weekends, I guess.)

  18. blogstrop Says:

    OK birthday girl – we have seen a photo of your car but not you! My best wishes – a bit late but who’s counting? – and may you have a great year ahead.

  19. Grimmy Says:

    Happy Birthday, ma’am.

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