Not my day

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There I was, lying peacefully in my bed, trying to ignore the cat (this would be the old one) who was sitting next to me and staring at me. After a few moments she got tired of staring, and started putting her cold nose on my arm.

I moved my arm under the covers.

But then I got sort of hot, so I moved my arm back out into the open, and soon was getting the cold nose treatment. “Oh go lie down, I’ll get up in a few minutes,” I said to the cat.

Cats can understand English. They just do what they want to do no matter what you are saying.

Anyway, I said this, and gave her a little pat on the head.


She bit my arm, the bitch. After tossing the cat off the bed, I tried to go back to sleep, but sleep was impossible by that time. Besides, I really shouldn’t lie around in bed all day — this week is pretty much of a write-off, but I didn’t want to get into the habit of sleeping all morning. And the cat obviously needed her pill (and both of them needed feeding), so up I got.

The weather was good — cloudy and drizzly. We really need rain here. Also the clouds cool things off just a little bit, though now that it’s summer the humidity offsets most of the cooling. I decided to clean out the fridge, the litter box, etc. (That BBC show How Clean Is Your House really has had an effect on me.) Then I got ready to leave the house. I got all dressed up, more or less — the older and plainer I get the more care I take with my appearance, though I haven’t gotten to the point where I put on makeup. It sits in a box, waiting for that day. Anyway, off I went to Target. Well, off I went to the car, intending to get into it and drive to Target.


Some idiot had left a hunk of what looked like a ham or beef bone in the parking lot. My heel had come right down on it and turned, and I fell on my knee and then just kept going. That’s the second time in two months I’ve fallen down on the pavement. This time I didn’t scrape myself up badly, but my hand, my foot, my knee, my hip, my shoulder, all are sore, and I got motor oil all over my nice clean jeans from a stain in the parking lot I fell in. I limped indoors, changed my pants, took two Advil and one tablespoon of mead because that’s all the booze I have in the house (mead isn’t very strong, I need to get some brandy), and an hour or so later did end up going to Target because there were things I needed, but the bloom of the day was gone. So I’m probably going to sit and finish off the mead and watch Casanova which just came in the mail today and in general veg out. Either way, I’m not going out again.

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  1. Skubie Says:

    Awesome! I feel waaaaay better about my day. No point telling you about it because you just turned it around for me.


  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    You stole my good luck! ::frown::

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