People want to see Doctor Who have sekz

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Well, at least they want to see David Tennant, who is currently playing the part, with not so many clothes. I have proof. A while back I decided to try out Blockbuster Video’s Netflix-like online rental thing. Unlike Netflix, they had the Masterpiece Theater production of Casanova that starred David Tennant in and out of all sorts of costumes. Naturally I put that in my queue right away, but the wait time was something like six years (or whatever “Very Long Wait” really means — probably “the last middle-aged cat lady with the not-so-secret crush on D.T. who ordered it has ‘lost’ the only copy we had”), and it never did become available, and as Blockbuster didn’t have any other movies that I wanted to see that weren’t available via Netflix I quit my Blockbuster membership and used the savings to order a copy from Amazon. This was just before I lost my job, but it was only twenty bucks. As I am extra cheap I chose the least expensive shipping option so I won’t get it until next week so my review of Mr. Tennant in (and not in) pretty 18th century clothes macking with all sorts of people will have to wait.

Then I saw that Netflix was getting some BBC Mystery thing he’d been in which according to the reviews on the internets was pretty steamy. (Well here are quotes, what do you think? Put that fantasy about Rose Tyler out of your head right now, people! That’s just so wrong.) Of course I put it in my queue. It wasn’t going to be released until yesterday. I forgot to check Netflix yesterday. I checked it today, and what do I see in the availability column? “Very long wait.”

People know what they want.

Next day update: heh, guess what I got in the mail. Occasionally Amazon surprises me by sending stuff sooner than they say they would. I may not be online much tonight…

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