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Just a brief entry to thank everyone who has donated to my Unemployed Again bleg. The money really is helping!

One more note: we’re finally getting some rain here in Central Florida. Yesterday there was a cloudburst, which seemed to vanish before it hit the ground — today a bit more.

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  1. Skubie Says:

    Uh, not to pick nits or anything, but under what circumstances does money NOT help?

  2. kc (prairiecat) Says:

    Good question, Skubie…maybe when there’s so much to lift it throws your back out? Can’t see that that as a possibility, really.

    As to our lovely NEFlorida weather, it’s windy & dry. Love the wind & I don’t hate dry, I’m from eastern Montana–but humidity today is less than my cousin’s house in Cheyenne, Wyoming! THIS is unheard of.

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    It goes terrible with pasta. Too chewy.

  4. blogstrop Says:

    I repeat, Andrea, migrate to Australia where you’ll be employed as an IT expert. Even if you’re not, you’ll have lots of us as mates anyway!

  5. Skubie Says:

    You need to shred it fine and sprinkle it on top, like Parmesan. Lots of fiber!

  6. Celaeno Says:

    Andrea, have you tried law firms in your job search? Typically they desperately need people who can read and write WELL, and computer literacy + competency on they intarwebs would also be a plus. Downside: lawyers are often slugs, but it’s inside work and no heavy lifting. I don’t know any Florida firms, unfortunately, but if you haven’t given that line of work some thought it could be worth considering. Law is moving rapidly into computerization and internet communications; skills in those areas might give you an entree. just a thought.

  7. Andrea Harris Says:

    I’ve tried anything “clerical, office, typing, administrative assistant,” etc. Most law firms here, though, are small and want someone with paralegal experience, which in Florida means a degree. It’s all credentials here — people are so transient that experience counts for almost nothing.

  8. Celaeno Says:

    Yes, smaller offices are going to try to cut corners by making their paralegals do secretarial work and vice versa. My suggestion, FWIW: look at any available larger firm (say, 8 lawyers and up), which should have a clearer dividing line between the god-like beings who do the legal and quasi-legal work || and the staff who do the support work. When I was hiring our office staff I looked a lot harder at experience and skills than at documents, but then that was long ago, & in a galaxy far, far away, & alas no help to you. Wish you the best, though, I know how tough it is.

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