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I’m not the only one moving — Tim Blair has been enticed over to the Dark Side and has moved his blog over to the Daily Telegraph. On the bright side, this will bring all sorts of good things Tim’s way monetary and prestige-wise, and he will no longer have to depend upon my increasingly erratic web skilz to keep things moving. On the less bright side, he will no longer be part of the Spleenville Army! (Sob, sniff.) But time marches on, and we must all occasionally bow to the forces of Progress and Rupert Murdoch.

Naturally Tim’s friendly commenting hordes have already attempted to comment at the new site, but as they are still (apparently) working the bugs out the comments are all still languishing in the Telegraph monitoring system. Therefore I declare this site open to commentary — on anything and everything, not just Tim’s move. It’s Open Blog Night at TS! All you have to do is register, if you haven’t already. Only your first comment will be held in moderation — once you’re in, your comments will appear immediately.

More changes, possibly: in case you haven’t noticed, things have been kind of dull around here lately. Various issues have been distracting me, so I haven’t been writing as much. That will change soon, I hope, but in the meantime I have actually been considering setting up guest bloggers here. Or I may just can this site and make a whole new one that will be multiple blog — I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, go ahead and register to comment here if you haven’t already (handy registration link at the very bottom of the screen, or at the bottom of the side menu if I change to a different theme). And a small donation via Paypal or the Amazon thingie wouldn’t hurt either…

Update: oh, and apparently I’m a “cult figure” in Australia. Ah, yes, exactly to plan… (cue mad laughter)

Second update: blush. One correction: I’m not working at Walmart anymore. I managed to get a full-time job at a local flight school so I will be getting some real paychecks in Real Soon Now. I thought of keeping the Walmart job part time because I do need the extra cash, but it just wasn’t possible. I’ve never been a tower of physical strength, and two jobs, once of which would have me on my feet for hours, would have landed me in the hospital.

Update the Third: just tweaking the site design to make it more readable. Opinions welcome.

Update the Fourth: ooh, I got my first troll in a while? Anyone remember “Phil Graham”? I don’t, really — but the “Timmmaaaayyy” in his comment (which of course I deleted) was a clue that he was one of the really pathetic trolls. I guess he thought he’d be able to just post freely here? What a loser. Let’s see if his pointless insults get through on Tim’s new site. So far I’ve only seen one snippy “no evil fascist Andrea to crush dissent” comment over there.

Fifth update: I’m about to go to bed, folks, so any new comments may not appear for a few hours. I’ll get you in in the morning, but then I have to go to work, and I don’t have access to the blog from there, so there will be more delays for any new commenters. But eventually you’ll all get on, so be patient!

Oh — except for the pathetic, no-life-having troll “Phil Graham,” who by the way for a lefty seems to have the usual “progressive” contempt for actual working people. His latest (deleted, of course) comments are mocking me for not being an actual flight instructor — which I never said I was — and asking if I was a greeter or shelf-stocker at Walmart. Actually I was a cashier. I wonder what sort of jobs actually meet with Mr. Graham’s exalted approval — I’m guessing the list is a narrow one indeed, and is probably restricted to the areas of leftist politician, leftist academic, leftist journalist, and no doubt his own “career” of unemployable 500 lb dole recipient.

One more — I leave you tonight with this gift — it’s Phil Graham, who is not a virgin!

68 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Spiny Norman Says:

    Is there an open bar?

    =^ )

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    I’m afraid it’s strictly BYOB at the moment.

  3. Lair Relocated « Tizona’s Weblog Says:

    […] Update: Andrea the Mighty reflects. […]

  4. Pogria Says:

    I’ll bring the food Spiny if you bring the booze.

    Thanks for the invite Andrea.

    where can I put my stuff?

  5. Spiny Norman Says:

    Ooh! Starting from scratch!

    All the fun stuff you’ve confiscated from wronright ought to make some fine exotic decor, don’t you think?

  6. Andrea Harris Says:

    Yeah, as soon as I get the strength to unbox the stuff. So where to hang that spear in my new studio… I’m thinking above the desk.

  7. The_Real_JeffS Says:

    I hope Tim sends the mead stockpile over here….

  8. ashdcme Says:

    I’m not too worried about the mead.

    I’m worried about where Wronwright’s going to stash the Tardis.

  9. marcp Says:

    You actually m o v e d all that Blairite debris? you have reserves of strength indeed.

  10. Spiny Norman Says:

    Whoa! What happened there?!?

    I refreshed the page and it was like a whole different site loaded.

    It’s easier to read this way, for what it’s worth.

  11. Pogria Says:

    Hey cool!

    I can see!

  12. Spiny Norman Says:

    A suggestion:

    What if the text of the comment were black, but the “Comment by” were in green (and the timestamp in blue)?

  13. RichS Says:

    Thanks Andrea, it’s good to be back among friends.

  14. kc (prairiecat) Says:

    Looks good, Andrea…and crowded, too!

  15. Grimmy Says:

    Hihi πŸ™‚

    Umm… y’all planning on being all “new human”ocentric? Or are neanderthals and troglodytes allowed here too?

    I do have a new human type mask, but it doesn’t fit every well, is itchy and tends to slip when angered.

  16. Andrea Harris Says:

    We accept all evolutionary levels.

  17. The_Real_JeffS Says:

    I have it on good authority that the Tardis is safe and secure at a secret compound near Crawford, Texas. Something about a honeymoon……

    Now, where is the Klingon Bird of Prey™?

  18. Kaboom Says:

    I hope that this increased bandwidth doesn’t break the [b]boldening[/b] budget.

  19. Grimmy Says:

    “We accept all evolutionary levels.” Thank you, ma’am.

    “Now, where is the Klingon Bird of Preyβ„’?”

    About that Bird… I did NOT crash it into an uncharted asteroid belt while cruising around Alpha Centauri way. That was not me. I have 3 witnesses and 1 solid, with 5 optional, but sorta weak, alibis for that day.

    Btw, who the hell puts asteroid belts between star systems? That makes no sense at all.

    So, it wasn’t me.
    You didn’t see me do it.
    You can’t prove nothing, man.

  20. Kaboom Says:

    Bugger – I brought my Blair bad habits with me!

    I hope the increase in bandwidth doesn’t break the boldening budget.

    There, fixed!

  21. Skeeter Says:

    That was scary. It took over an hour for my password to arrive after registering. I assumed for a while that I had been banned before I started.
    Andrea, I’m not sure if you are a spinster by choice, but maybe we could meet up somewhere and discuss it?
    I suggest that beach at the top of the page as a likely meeting place.
    Now, if you can just give me the coordinates of the beach and the keys to the Tardis, I can meet you there last week before the rush starts.

  22. EdwardM Says:

    Place of refuge secured… check.

  23. Wand Says:

    Ok, I’m in. So what’s this? A green site? Surely not.. the greenies seem to be everywhere.

  24. Janis Gore Says:

    Man, the cockroaches here in Florida are like REALLY big.

  25. CGHill Says:

    #21 Skeeter: Oddly, she and I did meet up, and the topic never surfaced. Go figure.

  26. RebeccaH Says:

    Hi, everybody! I brought mead.

  27. Mike H. Says:

    Umm….I had a thought when I came in here, did I set it down somewhere? Darn, now I can’t remember what it looked like! Oh well, I’m here anyway.

    Grimmy, yes on the Dissident Frogger.

  28. The_Real_JeffS Says:

    BTW, folks, don’t forget that Andrea isn’t supported by Rupert Murdoch. Hit that PayPal button!!! Or send a bag of cat food.

  29. Pedro the Ignorant Says:

    *knock, knock*

    “Hello! Anyone home?”
    “Hi Andrea, I see lots of old friends here, who’s got the mead?””

  30. Andrea Harris Says:

    Thanks everyone, for logging on, and all the compliments and donations! The last is much needed — after the moving expenses I’m pretty broke.

    By the way fellas — sorry, it’s spinster by choice! Not that a man isn’t handy to have around sometimes, but he who travels fastest travels alone, and that goes double for she (cf. Florence King). But I’m not averse to the occasional meet up for the purposes of quaffing mead. Mmm… mead…

  31. ann j Says:

    G’day Andrea!

    I’ve moved over from Tim’s site – as I commented there on The Change, I’m not a huge fan of the Daily Telegraph and I’m doubtful that the same free-wheeling, amusing and interesting discussion will be allowed.

    Am also afraid that the international atmosphere might disappear and the atmosphere in general will change when the thought police and PC brigade – rampant in the Australian media – take over as moderators.

    Any chance of a “preview” pane, like Tim had? I would very much like a chance to correct the really egregious errors before they make it into the outside world!

    Very kind of you to allow us to join you. Good luck with the new job at the flight school and keep up the good work trawling the trolls.

  32. minicapt Says:

    Oh, dear, who left the door open?


  33. Contrail Says:

    Wow, big screen TV. Finger food. Beer. Nice view, Andrea. Bet this cost you a packet.

  34. CChittleborough Says:

    AFAICT, most of the comment traffic at came/comes during North American daytime and evening. I somehow doubt that the Daily Telegraph will hire a night-shift moderator team. (And the boldening budget would never stretch to cover overtime rates.) So the bizarrointeresting conversations from won’t be happening at the DT.

    I for one would hate to lose Detective Paco, Poet Laureate Lyle and the rest. Can we keep our old home? (Who’d pay the rent?) Or should we get a new place?

  35. MarkL Says:


    HEY!! A top bunk. Lookee, it’s got a senior Minionette Pogria shaped dent in it.


    Now to plumb this place for mead on tap!

    Minionmeister to the VRWC

  36. kae Says:

    Hello everone.
    I’m here.
    Might as well sleep with friends than strangers…
    And someone’s left the light on over at Tim’s place.
    So much for the moonbatluvvie invasion.

  37. ultra_violet Says:

    yes. yes, yes, yes, yes.

  38. SezaGeoff Says:

    I’m here too, and I left a little present for our blogmistress so we have somewhere to hang out.

  39. MarkL Says:


    I am more than a little ticked by the loss of community.

    In my mind, that means that we should decide where to hang out, to keep the community as intact as possible.

    The new site of Tims is very fragmented, and being wide open to idiots (I just fisked one called Janine I) it will provide us more room to go cretin-belting, but will really erode the ‘community’ we have developed.

    I think Tim is making a mistake if he CLOSES his original site. I’ll hang out here instead, just for that community sense.

    In all honesty, I think that Andrea should cross post or ask Tim to guest post here, to keep that community going.

    All this said, Tim has a career and a job, and the best of British luck to him. I hope it works and I enjoy his funny snarkiness too much to walk away from his site at the Tele. But I do not have to think that he will not damage his own ‘brand’ by diluting and losing part of his community. That is a dumb move.

    I suspect he has a very delicate balancing act, now.

    Anyhoo, 2200, time for bed!


  40. Irobot Says:

    I have a decent case of red that I’m willing to share. Great to see that so many of the regulars here. Hi Pogria, check your e-mail, as I finally replied.

    #38 MarkL – I agree but I will give the new site a chance. I think that there will be some entertaining posts but finding them will be the challenge but the flaming of Janine I was first class. I noted that she had no response. Typical for a Darlinghurst luvvie.

    I do know that son of irobot is looking forward to being able to finally post on a Tim Blair blog.

    Just watching Enough Rope and if ever you wanted confirmation that Leunig=lunatic…

  41. Dave S. Says:

    Love what you’ve done to the place! Not sure about the green, though…

    I parked behind a big blue box. Is that OK?

    Anyhoodles – we got a lot of practice with off-topic linked comments – if a “guest poster” idea gets floated, I’d dig it. Not trying to change the window treatments or anything. Just sayin.’

  42. Irobot Says:

    #39 I hate dropping my “are”s. Sorry.

  43. Skeeter Says:

    Thank you for letting us visit here Andrea. It’s like a Safe House on the way home from school.
    I agree with all MarkL’s comments. We should continue to support Tim at DT, and also try and keep the community alive. This is probably best done here at Andrea’s and at the old timblair site as long as it keeps working.
    Kae, we will try and make it on Thurs 22 but it’s not looking good at the moment.
    I have spent a few hours at the DT site tonight and it seems to be more tolerable than Bolta’s β€” less infested by raving moonbats for starters.
    Piers’ blog with a post on the ALP’s support for rock-spiders is worth a visit. It is leading with the comment count and he is getting overwhelming support from the good guys. Piers is also good at smacking down the few trolls.
    2314 here and I have to get up at 0545.

  44. Pogria Says:

    Irobot, yoo hoo!!!

    Just despatched a missive your way.

    Don’t forget, as I said to MarkL, the top bunk is mine!!!!

  45. Pogria Says:

    Hey Andrea,

    can I bring my cats with me?

  46. Elizabeth Says:

    Sure, if they can stand the Imperial Warren.β„’ Andrea’s cats don’t seem to mind.

    Thanks, Andrea, for allowing us a refuge.


  47. aussiemagpie Says:

    Hi everyone

    Love the idea of all of you coming here – I don’t often comment but I read Tim’s blog each night – and I’ll keep reading it, along with Andrew Bolt’s blog to get my news fix

    However, I love all the regulars, and the way Tim’s old site allowed such wonderful free expression – and after a hard day at work, just reading stuff like Paco’s work, Lyle’s ditties, the tardis and the mead stuff, and all the comments just made me so relaxed and happy (or was it the glass(es) of wine!)

    Good on you Andrea for rolling out the welcome mat

  48. Ubique Says:

    Another refugee stumbles in…..Hey! This place looks great! Lots of familiar faces and voices. Now, if I can just find space to park the gun tractor…

  49. retread Says:

    Hi, Andrea. It looks like you’ll get a stampede today from Tim’s place. Mostly I lurk, but my inner three year-old is in whine mode today: whaaaaaa.

    Thanks for having us.

  50. kae Says:

    Hey, look at all the old familiar faces!
    It’s not bad over here, at least you know you’re among friends.
    aussiemagpie, I’ve missed your occasional comments.
    And you others who have gone missing, great to see you.

  51. rinardman Says:

    Well, finally made it. Took a wrong turn just outside Albuquerque.

    And, I see Andrea didn’t heed my warning and her place is now full of Blairites! Hope you know a good cleaning service, Andrea, the place will be a mess in no time. Bold and italics spilled on the carpet, and mud from the Tardis in the attic. I’ll try to send a little something your way to help with the bill.

  52. missred Says:

    good to see y’all.. the rains washed me in..

  53. RRRyan Says:

    Did someone say Booze? Count me in.

  54. stackja1945 Says:

    Hello to all. Andrea’s is a nice place.

  55. stackja1945 Says:

    [quote]”I’m in Canberra all day for the federal budget. Posts may – may – commence after 7.30pm. Drinking certainly will. Speaking of which, any budget speech drinking games involving mentions of β€œworking families” may be doomed to sobriety, since treasurer Wayne Swan allegedly isn’t a big fan of Kevin Rudd’s favourite family phrase.” [/quote]
    Now we know why he’s moved. He needed the money for “Drinking certainly will.”
    Oh well, only young once.

  56. Andrea Harris Says:

    Oh sorry! I forgot to post that everyone can use regular old html comment type stuff in here, except for the “img” tag. Use pointy brackets, etc. No more weird php shortcuts. I’ll try to add buttons to whatever theme I settle on soon so people can more easily add formatting tags.

  57. Andrea Harris Says:

    Hey man, we all need drinking money! For example, coming soon: a picture of the MEAD I was able to purchase thanks to everyone’s kind donations. I’m not in a mead mood tonight — I’m thinking of the weekend — but when I do open the bottle I will make many toasts to the Tim Blair Commenting Brigade.

  58. kae Says:

    bloody hell, i don’t refresh for a few hours and…
    it’s magic, isn’t it?
    only explanation I can think of…

    You’re amazing, Andrea!

  59. egg Says:

    Wow, nice makeover, like the olde ‘Cheers’ Boston pub or summit.

  60. Wand Says:

    Well isn’t this pretty now? Say Andrea we may have been chipping in a little too much into the kitty if you can afford to decorate the place like this. I think we may have to [url=]quarantine[/url] your welfare payments so that you only spend them on essentials, you know. For your own good of course.

  61. Wand Says:

    #60 – Ho hum – need to learn the tags…

  62. MarkL Says:

    Hey Andrea, sorry about the neighbour’s kids. They were trying to break in to the Klingon Bird of Prey parked by the corner store. Howard the Enceladan ate them. Yes, yes, the new underground hangars are being dug as we speak.

    Can I assume the little buggers won’t be missed?

    Minionmeister to the VRWC

  63. SandiM Says:

    Thanks for your kind invitation, Mistress Andrea. Love what you’ve done with this place.

    #40 Irobot: I was almost tempted to watch “Enough Rope” just to see how much more of a fool Leunig could make of himself. Just. Couldn’t. Make. Myself. Do. It.

    MarkL: I love how you took Janine I apart over at the new Tim’s, with such masterful precision. You might just as well have butchered her a new one. She doesn’t seem to notice either way.

    Hey there, kae. Which way to the bar?

  64. Patrick Chester Says:

    Making a comment to see if it will work.

    Hi Folks /droopy dog

  65. Old Grouch Says:

    Okay, you’ve managed to get me to register *again*. This is all a Fiendish Plot, right?

  66. Thomas Says:

    So, this is where we ride out the post-apocalypse.

  67. SandiM Says:

    Jeez. Been quiet here for a few days. Guess that once all the wakes are done and dusted it’ll spark up.

    Maybe we need a troll or two to get the juices flowing.

  68. Gary from Jersey Says:

    I feel like the guy who just got thrown off the bus in the rain, looking for a place to hide and, well, look who’s here! Blairites running rampant! Ahhhhh.

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