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Well, the evening is winding down to its end and a bunch of other clichés and hackneyed phrases. I’m working on next year’s blog. I haven’t had to do much, since I decided to just sign up on WordPress.com for one of their free blogs. I feel like letting someone else tend to the back end of things for a while.

I have some nosh for my private party for one waiting in the fridge: cheese, fancy olives, stuff like that. I don’t have champagne, but some sparkly rosé from Italy that I hope won’t suck.

Squeaky has been feistier each time I try to give her her fluids — I had her on my little typing table because I didn’t feel like squatting on the floor, and before I could stop her she jumped off the table, pulling out the needle. I’ve perfected closing the line in time so only a few drops sprayed out, but I’m like all right, bee-yatch, you just wait. After her acrobatic performance she sat on her pillow looking all pleased with herself, and then she got up and ate some illegal kibbles. I’m going to check online to see if I can get the dry version of the prescription cat food cheaper than it costs at the vet’s office; I didn’t buy a bag because their price is thirty-five bucks or something like that. Youch. I’m hoping she doesn’t turn up her nose at it like she does the canned, which I still have to spoon-feed her. I think she just likes me to spoon-feed her.

They are already setting off fireworks all over the neighborhood. Around midnight I’ll ceremonially turn the new wall calendar I bought at Books-A-Million (Japanese Gardens, half-price) to January, and post the link to the new site. Until then.

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  1. kc (prairiecat) Says:

    Happy New Year, Andrea!

    Thanks for all you do here, I really appreciate it…and your kitty stories, too.

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Oh she’s feeling much better. She just finished eating half of my other cat’s plate of food, which was non-prescription chicken stuff; I hope she doesn’t barf it all over the rug.

  3. McGehee Says:

    Nnnggh. It’s getting late and I didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m tired but not really sleepy. I think I’m more nappy.

    Nappy! You hear!!??

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