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Egg, that is.

I used to love eggnog, and I’d drink gallons of it, usually without the booze, during the holidays. But lately every time I eat something with eggs in it (like — scrambled eggs) my innards bitch and complain, so I’ve gotten off the eggnog bandwagon. Gosh, I hope I’m not getting one of those gallbladder thingies. Stupid aging process.

Cat brief: last night she actually walked into the kitchen and nibbled some of the (bad, non-prescription) dry kibble. Today she went all the way out into the patio, explored around (ignoring Xena who stood their all offended, growling her best I’m Menacing! growl), squatted and peed in the mulch, and then went back indoors to recline like a princess on her pillow.

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  1. McGehee Says:

    I used to like to buy a carton of eggnog and drink it unspiked just for the taste. Now not so much, but I do sip an occasional glass with a bit of Canadian Club when my mother-in-law offers, since I seem to be the only person she gets to drink with.

  2. Zardoz Says:

    Hmmmm, egg nog. I refuse to look at the info on the side of the carton that tells me how many calories are in each glass. It only happens once a year, right? A little bit of rum and I’m in my own little happy place…..

    Happy New Year (in a little over five hours here in the Rockies) and best of luck in your move to St. Louis. Ahh, springtime in the mid-west….

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    I can’t wait. Five more months, you say? Oh well, at least this is the nice time of year in Florida. Mostly.

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