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I must get this book. (Via one of Ann Althouse’s commenters. Oh, and you really must read not only her takedown of Richard Cohen, whose photo should be used to illustrate the concept of “narcissism” in all good dictionaries, but also John Weidner’s over at Random Jottings. It’s true that Cohen is such a dolt that it’s too easy to smack him around, but his carapace of smug ignorance is so thick that doing so is a public service.)

Related: don’t use these words. Really. Just–don’t.

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  1. Sigivald Says:

    I must disagree with a few of the things on his “don’t use list”, at least in some circumstances.

    Some writing or art is “courageous” – it’s just staggeringly uncommon in the West, in Democratic nations, since there’s very little to fear from writing or artistry.

    But someone in Pakistan, publishing something critical of Islam? That’s courageous writing.

    As for “folks”, well, if Nock can use it, I can’t call it forbidden, though I agree that people for whom it’s an affectation should cease.

  2. erp Says:

    Quoting Cohen, “But his [Bush] books reflect a man who is seeking to learn what he already knows.”


    Q. Is there a lefty who ever sought to learn anything at all that isn’t lefty dogma?
    A. Not hardly.

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