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Heads up: Steve H’s Hog On Ice website is now Tools of Renewal.

And on a more personal matter, tomorrow (as is my long-standing, in internet years anyway, tradition) will be the last day of this website. I’ll have a new one linked up by midnight tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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  1. McGehee Says:

    Please don’t make me get a whole new login and password!

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Um… but I gotta keep out the riffraff! No really, swing by some place like Protein Wisdom and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll see a comment thread with 345 comments on it and you’ll think, “ah, a good discussion!” But 258 of those comments are from the same two or three moronic trolls who just keep repeating the same obnoxious things over and over again. And also, this site has really been getting hit by the stupid drug spams for things like viagra and phentermine. You don’t see that stuff because it goes into moderation. Anyway, every time I think of opening up comments I see stuff like the above and decide to stay with registration.

    You should be able to sign up with the same login and password on my new site. I’ve decided to put it on for various reasons. Mostly because I’m tired of uploading ten thousand upgrades myself. Also I’m running kind of low on space on my own server and want to use it for something else. has various logins it allows, I think.

    Hey, the thing left the UPS holding tank in Jacksonville this morning at 7:44AM! Is it hoping too much that I get it today? Probably.

  3. McGehee Says:

    Yeah, it looks like the forecast of arrival on Friday is about right — assuming UPS works on the day after New Year’s.

    They certainly didn’t work on the day after Christmas.

    Meanwhile, I’m finally getting the hang of this weird little Linux toy I talked my wife into getting me for my birthday. Had to get rid of the pre-installed OS because they filled the SSD to overflowing before they put it in the damn box.

    So now I have something more mobile than my desktop PC, lighter than our Toshiba laptop, and with a better display than my wife’s Palm. And I also have a much deeper knowledge of dealing with Linux than I actually wanted.

    It’ll keep me out of the bars tonight, anyway. Or is that not a good thing…?

  4. Andrea Harris Says:

    Ooh, I was thinking of getting one of those tiny things, but I wanted one with a regular hard drive, and I think they are more expensive. I might get one some day when I have job and extra cash (right), and they improve the brand.

  5. McGehee Says:

    They have one with a much bigger SSD than my four gigs (which BTW is still a damn sight bigger than the HDD on my first PC…) but that one would be pretty spendy too.

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