Orange you glad I didn’t make another pun?

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Hey, you know that guy with the “Death to all Juice” sign? Are we so sure that this guy wasn’t pulling some sort of sarcastic prank? It just seems too perfectly moronic. Wouldn’t a real Jew-hating Islamic retard have misspelled the word so that it didn’t make a completely other real word that could make the phrase into an obvious joke? (Like — “Death to the Juse,” or something like that.) Or am I hoping for too much from humanity again. All I know is — trust no one, and don’t trust them on the internet twice.

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  1. Skubie Says:

    So you think it’s possible the a devotee of the ROP has had an original, witty, ironic thought?

    Ha, ha. Good one, Andrea. Almost had me there.

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Actually I was thinking he was just disguising himself as a devotee of the ROP. How would they know? Do they have a secret handshake?

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    In other words, I was thinking he could be a mischievous infidel with 1) too much time on his hands and 2) no sense of self-preservation. Or else the guy is real, but he doesn’t know how to read or write English, so he asked someone to make him a sign that said “Death to Jews,” but he pronounced it “juice” because for some reasons foreigners always have that problem with the voiced “s” at the end of English words, and whoever wrote up the sign thought he said “juice.”

    I do think these things through too much.

  4. aelfheld Says:

    Not knowing how to read or write English isn’t necessarily a mark of Mohammedism; it could just mean you (in the generic sense) went to public school.

    I’d bet the dumb-shi’ite is serious – his sign isn’t, but he is.

  5. Skubie Says:

    Actually my first thought was this was a gag… but then Occam’s Razor and all, I asked myself what was more likely – somebody having a bit of fun at the protest, or that this protester is really a drooling moron.

    And so, I’ll take Drooling Morons for a thousand, Alex.

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