Oh, burn…

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A woman who has never wanted for anything in her life thinks she can speak for us all just because she’s been in a movie with the current governor of California. Thus spaketh Jamie Lee Curtis on the current economic troubles:

What this crisis is going to do is bring us into financial alignment. Families may have to live together again! What a concept. Grandparents will live with their grown children and help raise their grandchildren — even at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Neighbors are going to meal share and carpool and child care for each other and maybe even rent out parts of homes to other families. Less meat, more beans. Might be better for you anyway. Less indoor gym workouts and more walking, more park time, more family outdoor time.

You first, Princess.

I can speak from experience — real experience, recorded on this here blog — that not having enough money to pay rent on time isn’t a thrilling adventure, especially when you don’t have any living nearby relatives to move in on; and not being able to afford to eat anything but the cheapest, crappiest food isn’t “better for you” — living on nothing but beans, rice, and pasta makes you tired, gassy, and fat. And so on and so forth.

Her father, Tony Curtis, grew up poor in the Bronx, and had to work his way up in Hollywood. We’ll probably never know, but I wonder what he would have to say to his daughter’s silly paean to the sort of widespread struggle and poverty that thanks to her father she has never had to experience.


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  1. FiveFeetOfFury Says:

    Yep, cuz Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh got on SO well, and having them both old/drunk/ insane/pissed off under the same roof, changing each other’s diapers would’ve been a blast!

    Easy to say this shit when there’s NO chance of it ever happening.

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    I forgot to say anything about that “even at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave” bit. WTF, aren’t Obama’s grandparents dead now? Does she imagine he’s going to invite all his other relatives to live with him in the White House? (I hope no one is waiting for that – – he certainly hasn’t invited them to live with him anywhere else.)

  3. nightwitch Says:

    You beat me to it on the “WTF? 1600 Pennsylvania Ave”. And only a moron would think a leisurely stroll through the park with Gram-Gram is equal to a gym workout. I would kill for her army of personal trainers and chefs and her access to top quality equipment.

  4. erp Says:

    Ma-belle’s mother is going to live with them. Didn’t hear about her father. Obama has hordes of relatives living in poverty, but he didn’t bring them all on up to his Chicago mansion, so it’s doubtful he’ll bring them all on up to the White House. Although he may have plans to use some of them for ceremonial purposes.

    As for Jamie Lee, I couldn’t remember who her mother was, so I googled it and saw an article indicating she born a hermaphrodite! Those Y chromosomes must be what makes her so smart. She’s also a baroness, so she’s well qualified to speak on serfs and how they should live. (Married to actor Christopher Guest since 1984, Curtis became a Baroness, Lady Haden-Guest, when her husband inherited the Barony in 1996.)

  5. Andrea Harris Says:

    That guy who was in Spinal Tap is a baron???

  6. Sigivald Says:

    More Depression porn.

    I don’t see a lot of boarding houses coming into existence in the next year or two, myself, or the collapse of the nuclear family back into the extended family.

    Most people simply aren’t living that far beyond their means, and there’s so far* no reason to expect Great Depression-level unemployment or anything like it.

    * Now, given enough ridiculous protectionist overreaction from States, it could certainly be made to happen, but…

  7. Andrea Harris Says:

    Considering how much the current folks in charge adore FDR and the New Deal, it could happen.

  8. aelfheld Says:

    One of the things I despise about these flannelette totalitarians is the false concern about my well-being. Might be better for you anyway. Who is this pampered, over-fed cow to decide what’s best for me? It’s attitudes like that that make me want to cheer on les tricoteuses.

  9. Andrea Harris Says:

    I tried that nasty yoghurt she flogs on tv. It gave me gas.

  10. Skubie Says:

    Man, Jamie Lee gets no love at all here!

    She might as well stop casting her pearls before you swine. You’ll have to deal with life your own damn selves, and then who’ll be sorry?

  11. Andrea Harris Says:

    We’ll just have to man up then.

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