My new pet hate

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…is the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.” I’m refusing to even give it the official Italics of Titledom, because that title is just so twee and precious that I want to step on it with a pair of very large boots until I squish it. I don’t even know what the movie’s about — some romantic vehicle with a goofy time-warp gimmick for Brad Pitt (who does nothing for me, and in fact makes me less of a woman every time I see his supposedly sexy mug on my tv screen). It’s got Cate Blanchett in it too, who is starting to look less like a nice elfin queen and more like skinny, unhealthy boy every time I see her. Anyway, I really hate Oscar season. Every single movie out there, including Zombie Bordello of Death VIII, gets a “critics are raving” spot every five minutes on every single station. Some of these movies haven’t come out yet, and possibly are still in pre-production, but critics are already salivating over them and want you, the person watching the Law and Order: Criminal Intent marathon on Bravo to know all about it. It’s wasted on me, because I don’t go to the theater any more and wouldn’t even rent the current crop of talking pictures from Netflix. Who are the sheeple who make money for these things? I can’t imagine them appealing to anyone with the IQ of canned asparagus, much less a person with a job who can afford to go to the movies.

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  1. marcp Says:

    I watched Brad Pitt, in Bozeman in Montana, for about three minutes one summer afternoon, as he exited a store and walked down the sidewalk: the first few seconds, because he happened into my field of view, the rest of it because someone I was sitting with pointed out that he was Brad Pitt. All I remember otherwise is that he is… shorter than one would think, ha.

    (By the way, I’m escaping dear Florida this morning–only a brief few months before you do, one hopes–to… DC. I barely survived 18 months down here: don’t know how you’ve done it, ha.)

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Well congratulations! DC, huh? I’ve been there — great town, despite the political haze. I’d like to go there again someday…

    I don’t know how I stood living here as long as I have either — which would be my entire life. I guess you just get used to your situation. But I planned to be long gone by now, yet here I still am!

  3. nightwitch Says:

    “Brad Pitt (who does nothing for me, and in fact makes me less of a woman every time I see his supposedly sexy mug on my tv screen)”

    YES. He’s soulless, like a Eric Clapton playing the blues.

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