Assault with a deadly weapon

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Kathy’s gonna love this:

A teenager has been sentenced to four days in jail for smearing peanut butter on the forehead of another youth he knew was allergic to peanuts.

Investigators say that during lunch at Wenatchee High School on Sept. 8, Hickson heard a conversation in which it was mentioned that a student sitting near him was allergic to peanuts.

Hickson then grabbed someone’s peanut butter sandwich and wiped some of the peanut butter on the boy’s forehead.

The boy did not suffer an allergic reaction, but told police he had suffered a severe reaction to peanuts in the past.

Right. (Via.)

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  1. Skubie Says:

    You may think this is amusing, but that poor kid’s life is ruined.

    No, not Little Master Percy Peanut Pussy, I mean the young hero who grabbed the sandwich and did what any right thinking rational person would want to do. He’s going to get a suspension, and counseling, and have an entry made in his Permanent Record.

    Further, the school is going to institute a zero tolerance policy on PB&J, install peanut detectors at all entrances, and have burly DHS guards strip searching the kids.

    And nobody, certainly not Precious Peanut’s doting mother, is going to ponder that the kid got peanut butter rubbed all over his head and didn’t go into anaphylactic shock and explode.

    God, I am so tired of the rest of us having to conform to the silliest and weakest amongst us. I feel as if we’re all characters in the Vonnegut story Harrison Bergeron, and just never noticed.

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Oh, I’m not laughing.

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