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Via the Anchoress I found out this neat confection of a website, Wordle, where you can make “text clouds.” Here is the text cloud for this blog:

(Click for the huge.) It being my site, can you see the naughty word or two hidden therein? Hee hee.

3 Responses to “Fooling about”

  1. Skubie Says:

    All right, many of the words look at home, but… baby? Singing? Children?

    Sure, we all know they appeared in the context of “Grrrr, do I ever HATE (fill in blank)” but still, one could get the wrong idea. Then rush over to your blog and get a major snootful of raw unfiltered Andrea.

    Could be fatal. I’m serious – stop giggling!

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Perhaps I should have put up a disclaimer.

    Nah. Let ’em be surprised!

  3. McGehee Says:


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