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I managed to get Squeaky’s allotment of fluid into her without spilling too much of it and only had to reposition the needle once. This time I didn’t lift her up onto the typing table I’d set up as a cat-care platform, I let her stay on her pillow on the floor. I think that’s why she didn’t fuss as much. Of course I did end up putting the needle in sort of to her side — her skin has gotten very loose since she’s lost so much weight, and I didn’t realise I hadn’t grabbed her center scruff. So she’s got a bit of a lopsided look until the fluid is absorbed. I also made her swallow a spoonful of food and got most of it down. Last night she went to the litter box several times with little success — I think she’s a bit constipated. Well I got that way when they put me on a fluid diet when I had a kidney stone, and I got flaming piles too. Hopefully I can get her to eat more of the food and maybe that will set her right.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to help me offset the costs of all this.

On me news: I am seriously thinking of getting my CSR 440 license and going back into insurance. I can’t seem to find a clerical position. At least I can carry insurance quoting to another state, though I assume I’ll have to pay for a new license when I move to St. Louis (the Florida 440 license is only for Florida). Insurance isn’t that difficult, and I’m not going for the full agent license, just the customer service rep one, which is just quoting. I didn’t like it when I was doing it, but that was mostly because I was doing it part time and mainly on nights and weekends, so it cramped my style and ultimately didn’t pay enough. It’s boring, but people always need insurance. I’m sure I can get a full-time position doing it. Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about. The only problem is the test and the license, which aren’t free. I’ll have to look into what these things cost these days.

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  1. erp Says:

    Considering the competence level of clerical people I’ve come across over the years, I’d say you are over-qualified by light years — that may be why you don’t get hired.

    In the “try to keep a straight face department,” the city clerk in the small city of 5,000 where I reside, referred to her fellow city employees as “clerics.” It would have been a lot funnier if she didn’t make over $60,000 and have two assistants all of whose salaries are paid for by taxpayers like me.

    You would be invaluable to disorganized types like geeks, artists, builders, lawyers who need someone who can keep the Ethernet humming, think straight and write a mean sentence while they ply their trades.

    BTW — do you have a comments feed?

  2. Andrea Harris Says:

    Yeah, I’m probably overqualified by this time. Also I think the job market in Florida is glutted right now.

    Re: comments feed — I think I do have one, it might just not be linked on this style sheet, which is a real simple one. I’ll hunt around for the link and add it.

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    Comment feed link added on the top navigation bar.

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