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Maddox gives fashion advice to the ladies

I can't find anything to argue against, myself.

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El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Always did wonder what happened to Lester?

cardeblu [TypeKey Profile Page]:

But I've always liked wearing cowl neck sweaters--hell, even big turtleneck sweaters; I have a long neck and can get away with it. Now, however, I guess that I'll have to rethink the image.

cardeblu [TypeKey Profile Page]:

P.S. That "babydoll/maternity" look has been in for the last few years here in the PNW. Ick! It looked awful when it was popular in the 1970's, too.

No red lipstick? From my cold dead hands, baby!

Rita [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The babydoll look is popular here too, and now I'm going to crack up laughing every time I see it.

My daughter got caught up in the Croc craze too. I told her "Honey those things are just fugly."

And crocs are so uncomfortable too! I really needed comfortable walking shoes, and I had heard about how podiatrists were telling all their patients to get crocs. So I swallowed my aesthetic sense and tried a pair on. Good God, it was like wearing sweaty sandpaper, with extra sand. They have these little bumps on the inside for some reason. Not to mention they made my feet look like they had been swallowed by fluorescent-hided mutant slime beasts. And they were nearly forty dollars without tax added! I went to Walmart and got some normal cheap shoes.

Rita [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You're braver than me. I was afraid if I tried them on, they'd meld to my skin & I'd have to cut my feet off to get rid of them. Which I would've done without hesitation.

I don't get the little bumps in shoes. If I wanted to feel like I was walking on rocks all day, I'd go barefoot.

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:


Now you know why 'they' are called "crocs". As in... of shit. The "little bumps" are probably for massage or stimulation of the foot/feet nerves and muscles. The price you mentioned, is the second reason, 'they' are called "crocs".

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:


I apologize, had I known you were going to have prominent posters, I would have dressed for the occasion.

All this damn armor, plus these ungodly, ill fitting boots almost makes me wish, for a pair of "crocs".

Ummm, do you have a place where I can store my Lance?

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

OH...knowing you Andrea...NO, (the Lance) not there!

I started wearing Crocs when my foot doctor recommended them to me for my foot pain. I always wear socks with them, so I don't find them uncomfortable. They are very light and they do support your arches. Also, I don't wear the typical style of Crocs that are most common. I wear the closed in ones that look like regular walking shoes.

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

A real damn great idea from Sir Theo Spark.

Send The Troops A Card

L'Supreemo [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The bumps in Crocs provide somewhere for the sweat to drain, so you don't slide around in your own slime.

And the only bad lipstick is that monkey-shit brown that makes you look like the newly-risen dead.

I can tell you right now those bumps wouldn't work for me. Not to mention being uncomfortable to walk on. Heck, why stop at bumps -- why not just stud the innards of the shoes with two-inch spikes? Plenty of room for sweat to run off.

As for lipstick -- well, I guess the anti-red stance I can argue with, though I agree that there are only so many shades of red that the human eye can see and the constant re-packaging of the same colors is rather silly. And what's wrong with looking like the newly-risen dead? Zombies are people too. Well, they were.

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