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Random Media Observation No. 592

There's this show on Discovery Health called "Mystery Diagnosis." It features people who've come down with mysterious symptoms that a battery of doctors can't figure out until much sleuthing of obscure ailments comes up with the arcane and/or ordinary explanation of what is wrong with the person, and they are cured or at least successfully treated. For one of those icky bodily-fluid-obsessed plus weepy victims things the show isn't bad, but there is one disturbing gimmick I wish they'd dispense with. I speak of the frequent use of the Single Eyeball Closeup. There will be a perfectly ordinary interview scene going on -- either of a doctor, a patient, or a relative -- and then suddenly, for no reason, the camera will zoom in on one of the interviewee's eyeballs until the entire thing fills the screen and you can count the individual eyelashes and sometimes even the mites that live in the dead skin cells and makeup, depending on the size of your tv screen. There you are, watching a Concerned Doctor or Fearful Patient discourse on symptoms and causes, when suddenly: EYEBALL. The first time I saw this I actually drew back in my seat.

I submit that this technique serves no purpose other than to confuse and possibly disgust the viewer, and to transform whoever is being interviewed from an ordinary person into some sort of gelloid, spike-encircled monster. Perhaps the technique is supposed to bring us "closer" to the emotions being experienced by the person in focus (for instance, when they are all weepy), but closing in on one eye like that negates the emotions being expressed. All you see is a giant eyeball, rolling around like the Eye of Sauron. So stop it.

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BAW [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh, man!

I never noticed that before - now I'm gonna have to watch that show again.

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't watch it, but would presume the object of THE EYE, is the window to the soul, thingy....OR they're Masons.

Found this in (pardon the pun) looking...Eye Symbology

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh Gosh, AHH (lol) catch this act...yea yea, I know I can be replaced..:).

Human Skin-Covered Book With 'Ghost Face' Up for Auction

Fox News

Pedro the Ignorant [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I am a hunter and regularly kill, dismember and devour various furry beasties, so you would think that a little blood wouldn't worry me too much and you would be right, but if there is one thing that I cannot watch without puking is surgery on human eyeballs.
Just freaks me out for some reason, but El Cid may have stumbled on something here, an atavistic belief that the eye mirrors the soul.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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