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Ancient "Automation is bad" boogieman raises its head

Let me just say that despite my experience at Ikea I also love self-checkout lines at stores, for the same reason Rachel Lucas does. My first real job was as a cashier at Publix, and I (usually) have no trouble getting my purchases coded in. The only problem I've ever had is getting the attention of the human employees whenever I ran into a glitch.

PS: when are socialists going to present arguments in favor of their positions that don't reek of mothballs? Everything the guy says assumes that people have no higher ambition than to work at one job at one place for all their lives just like their fathers before them. Hey, lefties, this isn't the 19th century anymore -- minimum wage employees are allowed to move up the ladder to higher salaried positions.

(Via Kathy Shaidle.)

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El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Publix...Shit, that's why I like you...lol. 15 years and retired..with the Jenkins family.

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

If true and I have no reason to believe it isn't, (cause I'm no damn 'BioTech' genius) this is very good news .

Yea yea...off topic, again.

I hate medical stuff. You need your own blog, dude.

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Gee, is that a hint?

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

YAY Publix! I have a friend who has worked in the bakery for 3 years, they just made her an offer she couldn't refuse & transferred to Chatanooga. Lucky woman...

Publix seems to have a smaller share of surly employees than other grocery stores-- I don't know if that's because of training or profiling but I like it.

Actually, I find grocery store employees to be generally more helpful than those in most other kinds of retailers. They are considerably nicer than those in chain book stores...I suspect many of the latter are people who have acquired advanced degrees and are now angry at society because they didn't get the academic job they expected.

ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, I guess as is typical, the grocery stores close to me cheaped out and bought the crappy self-check lanes. They never work right. I've had them totally shut down and lock me out, and then I have to stand there like a git until one of the employees finally notices that the line is not moving, and come and unlock it.

Oh, and the local Kroger? If you pay by credit card, you have to walk to a separate station and sign a receipt. Not very helpful.

I also don't like being told "Bag your item now" or "unknown item in bagging area" (after I just rang the damn thing up and am getting ready to put it in the bag.) I KNOW I need to put my damn groceries in the bag, you automated wench. I'll do it on my own sweet time.

Or maybe it's just my magnetic personality (heh) interfering with the self-check-outs, but I find them to be every bit as surly and helpless as the meatspace cashiers....

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