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Everything new is old again

Look who's back. What's next, Steven Den Beste starts blogging about something other than anime?

Link to A Big Victory (previously "A Small Victory" of story and song) and Red Sugar Muse via Matt; link to Rachel Lucas via several people -- I just forgot to say something.

Update: or perhaps, someone else will start writing again...?

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Just amazing all the people who "quit blogging forever" crawling out of the woodwork, innit?

Which, I guess, demonstrates that it's never a good idea to "quit blogging forever."

Unless you're dead.

And then I wouldn't be TOO certain.

Sigivald [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, Michele never really stopped, she just didn't have her own personal blog.

It's nice to see Red back, though.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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