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Stupid Conservative Tricks

WTF? This Conservapedia comparison of their services to that of Wikipedia chugs along just fine until the very last item:

16. We do not encourage anti-intellectual editor names that are attracted to Wikipedia. For example, the Wikipedia administrator who initially deleted the entry about Conservapedia uses the name "Nearly Headless Nick." The Hartford Courant observed that another editor posted under the name "The Ostrich." These names send an inappropriate anti-intellectual message for an encyclopedia.

Well, the first nickname is a character in a popular children's book, and so perhaps not indicative of the high intellectual mojo that this Conservapedia site obviously wants to demonstrate, but I am not sure why "The Ostrich" is supposed to be an anti-intellectual nickname. I could understand a nickname like Bubba69, or JessicaSimpsonsHooters, but "The Ostrich"?

(Via Tom McMahon's news feeds.)

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Sigivald [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I imagine because the ostrich - iconically - buries its head in the sand to avoid seeing anything that might alarm it?

Anti-intellectual in a more fundamental (but more subtle) way than the merely crass or non-intellectual examples you give, that are more common.

(The problem being that Mr. Ostrich might well have not had that iconic representation in mind, and simply likes ostriches...)

aelfheld [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sometimes the difference between 'intellectual' and 'annoying snob' is indistinguishable.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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