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Nice way to ruin a perfectly good skull

Cover it all up with ugly, gaudy diamonds.

I must be the only female in Christendom who thinks diamonds are uninteresting. Give me emeralds -- much harder to find in a flawless state -- give me rubies (though I really prefer garnets -- a much deeper, more pleasing, at least to me, shade of red, and much easier to obtain), give me interesting stones like tanzanite, tsavorite, iolite, or alexandrite. Now those are some rocks.

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bettiwettiwoo [TypeKey Profile Page]:

No, there are two of us. (Although, personally, I am happy to forgo all the rocks in favour of some nice Georg Jensen or Frank Lehy (for Tiffany's).

Rita [TypeKey Profile Page]:

No there's at least three.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

There's getting to be a crowd of us. Garnets are Lovely Daughter's birthstone, & I love 'em. Freshwater pearls are my personal favorite. Kinda boring, but more my style...if I had style.

bettiwettiwoo [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I meant, of course, Frank Gehry, not Lehy.

Add me to the club. Diamonds are kind of boring. Tanzanite and iolite are awesome. Ruby -- my birthstone -- is nice, too.

Count me in to the "Diamonds Are Boring" club...if it weren't for the DeBeers syndicate they'd be as common as pig tracks anyway.
Fire opals... I'd rather have my own birthstone: amethysts the color of concord grape jelly. Emeralds, and ropes of pearls as big as chick-peas.

silvermine [TypeKey Profile Page]:

My engagement ring is an emerald. :)

Polly [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Don't like diamonds, either. In fact I don't like any gem when it's made into jewelry. I believe I'm the only female in Christendom who can't stand jewelry. I don't like to look at it, and it makes me uncomfortable to wear it. I'm sure there is some neurosis attached to this, but I prefer not to explore it. I just don't wear the stuff.

Michael Lonie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

In one of Dorothy Sayers' mystery stories Lord Peter Wimsey gives Harriet an engagement ring set with a ruby. A few minutes later he asks her to tell him, without looking, what color the stone is. She is embarrassed because she forgot the color while talking to her fiance. He laughs it off, saying it was the first time his face was valued above rubies.

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