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Gaia is my bitch

See what happens when you displease me, puny mortals?

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Daddyquatro [TypeKey Profile Page]:

So sayeth the choppin' dude.
Where's the choppin' dude!
"Anger is an energy"

I'll have to bring him back. He was on vacation.

Paxety [TypeKey Profile Page]:

May 9th and the high temperature in overcrowded Jacksonville Beach was below 70F. The wind and rain blowing in off the ocean made it feel like September or October. Since the libs have changed their hysteria from global warming to climate change, I'm about to believe them.

The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The residents of the east coast should send You gifts of money and food to appease You, Andrea, less You display Your Wrath.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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