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I thought that would wake him up

Who, me, hate? Nah, subtropical storms are too busy to hate! (Scroll down through the boring stuff in this to get to the interesting stuff about me. Because the whole internet is about me!)

Okay, gotta go slosh about in the ocean for a while. I was able to get one of those stupid surfers already.

Next day or whenever the hell this is update: seriously, this is just embarassing. Let me quote you the most cringe-making passage:

To rip that platform out from underneath its single most important asset now makes the “Strib” the poster child for the astonishingly stupid and suicidal decisions made by newspapers in the 21st century.

Or maybe that wasn't the worst -- I couldn't bear to actually read the whole sobbing mess, and just lifted that passage from Tim Blair's post. Why are so many journalists such insufferable bores about their jobs?

Let's get real here. The Quirk column and previous Backfence were amusing little bits of filler, but they were hardly the stuff of literary legend. Having thought more about this issue I have decided that papers need less amusing "quirky" columns and more real news of substance (instead of copied and pasted Reuters releases). If James Lileks doesn't have the sort of talent that is needed to report the news (as opposed to commenting on it), then he shouldn't be given a reporter's job. That is what pissed me off -- the fact that newspapers, like so many American corporations these days, waste so much time shunting employees off into positions they aren't suited for. I am not sure why this trend is so popular, but I suspect it has less to do with clueless administrators than American passive-aggressiveness and fear of confrontation. We won't fire you, we'll just play head games with you until you leave on your own, and then we can say it wasn't our fault.

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BAW [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ya know, the problem with blogging about how much other bloggers suck is that it inevitably makes the reader wonder why the writer harbors such vitriol, especially in cases where the blogee under attack is just paying the bills and has no idea that the blogger doing the attacking exists.

So then it becomes less about the blogee under attack and more about the attacking blogger's obviously deep-seated issues, which gives the reader a LOT of leeway in attributing various mental illnesses to the blogger doing the attacking.

In other words - Udolpho? Jealous much?

Sheesh. When writers or blogs annoy me that much, I just stop reading them. CF: Rall, Ted. Yeah, it might lose me a topic for an insane vitriolic rant or two, but I think my blood pressure is a bit more important than the writings of some yahoo that won't, in the long run, mean diddly-squat.

Oh well. If we all had a sense of perspective, the internet would be empty.

No no -- the internet would be 100% ads for "male enhancement treatments" instead of just 97%.

Seriously, the truth is I wish Udolpho would write more, but not about how much he hates other bloggers -- at least, not more than once. One anti-blogger rant is funny, more than one is obsession and therefore boring. (Say I, who is Ruler of All the Internet.)

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well isn't he special. Lileks is one of my favorite 3 blogs, he makes me laugh as much as Blair's commenters do (and sometimes he IS one of Blair's commenters). I understand the lack of respect - hey, I'm from Montana, another nothing state in the minds of "civilisation" on the East & Left coasts. Udolpho seems to have a good vocabulary, & even some talent at stringing words together, but to use it just to call other people names seems such a waste. Maybe Mommy nursed him too long...

Andrea, one of the local weather guys referred to Subtropical Storm Andrea this morning as "a bit smaller now, we'll just call her Ann." I almost fell out of bed laughing! What a maroon.

BAW, my thoughts exactly. And let me add that if you dislike someone and insist on obsessing on them, fine. But bringing the hated person's kid or other family into it crosses the line and becomes downright creepy.

Yes, I am jealous that I am not a horribly self-absorbed dickless freak from Eden Prairie. You have a keen eye for human psychology, good sir! MOTHER ISSUES AMIRITE?

If I wrote 160 pages about how much I hate Al Gore or Michael Moore or some other approved target: #1 blogger ever! But writing about some hack columnist four times over four years and parodying his writing: CREEPY OBSESSION. Don't defend crappy writing just because you like the guy and his politics matches yours. Also, Jim Boyd is an asshole but he's right: there aren't many truly good conservative writers and people like Jonah Goldberg and Mona Charon are useless hacks.

BAW [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Andrea - yeah, it seems like he/she/it has some writing talent. But the Lileks thing was a whole lot of vitriol for something that Udolpho him/her/itself seemed to deem unimportant, which again leads the reader into "look! sour grapes on display!" territory. You're right - boring.

Susan B - creepy is the word I was looking for there, especially given his/her/its reaction to a 6 year old girl. Dude. Operative words there are "six year old." Not really a good candidate for your bete noir--not that Lileks is, either.

Well, I think they are both fine writers in their own way. Can't we all just get along?

I'm sorry, what was the name of that site? The Daily Wank? It wouldn't be so bad if he knew how to be witty...

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