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Gentlemen, start your engines

And keep 'em running -- we must stop at nothing until this creep and all his little friends are drowned. Bring on the rising seas!

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Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Jeepers - what a little snot. That's it, I'm buying a honkin' big SUV. Which is worse, Suburban (or Tahoe, whatever) or Hummer?

Arrogant little twerp...he needs his butt beat and then he needs to be deprogrammed.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Except for the since-withdrawn H1, all Hummers are under-the-skin duplicates of other GM trucks; they get about the same sort of mileage, which is Not Great. On the upside, the Hummer's sheetmetal is much more conspicuous, so if you're anxious to stick a thumb in Greenpeace's eye - and why wouldn't you be? - go for the H2. (The H3 is a mid-sized truck with a five-cylinder engine which needs, at the very least, one more cylinder.)

The_Real_JeffS [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, I must continue burning harvested trees for warmth, even if the weather is starting to resemble spring. Indeed, I must restock my woodpile in anticipation of future episodes of the Gore Effect.

But, yeah, that really impressed me.....an angry little snot telling me what a selfish, ignorant bastard I am, assuming that I never worried about the environment in the first place. Nice going, Greenpeace. Glad I stopped donating to you years ago.

Cut the kid some slack. He's just a child actor. Annoying, most likely, but no more so than all kids his age (which, I admit, is a lot). The thing about that commercial is that it's an ad for Greenpeace that is not, contrary to its direct message, talking to adults. It's talking to snot-nosed arrogant punks (again, most kids that age) like the character depicted in the ad, who get a thrill from feeling like they're self-righteously standing up to their parents who are, of course, destroying the world. Every spoiled-worthless teenager believes somewhere, perhaps deep in his heart, that his parents are somehow robbing him of something he really deserves (and really, he naturally deserves everything!), and this ad taps into that by giving them an excuse to feel angrily superior to those jerks who hassle him about grades, posture and cleaning his room.

He's an evil little homunculus who needs his ass beat. And his sponsors at Greenpiss should be locked up for corrupting a minor. I will cut none of them any slack.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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