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Things I resent

I resent it when I find myself unable to write my own "Americans are hopeless idiots" screed because some supercilious jerk has already stuck his foot in, and in order to not be -- if only in my own thought -- associated with his self-satisfied little point-making I find myself unable to summon the words to complain about the doltishness and cowardice affecting American culture.

By the way, bragging about how your reading habits makes you superior to the drooling horde is a favorite trick of Our Enlightened Progressive Betters. (Which brings me to another thing I resent: being unable to enjoy talk of "important" -- because good -- works of classic literature because so many smarmy liberal bullshit artists have used their copies of Mansfield Park to impress chicks.)

(Via the inexplicably impressed Kim Du Toit.)

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There's a lot to resent in that post you linked to.

The writer doesn't know a damn thing beyond the criminal's national origin and some...Yahoo users. I'd believe in the link to jihadism more if he actually linked to the posts that showed that the killer is jihadi - otherwise its pure speculation.

Also: I'm no expert, but I bet Balkan history is complicated. I'd bet the gist is: everyone was a bully. It's stupid to say the Bosians were the only bastards in that story. It's obscene to say that because the Bosians were the agents of the Ottoman Empire in the 1800s, that it's cool that the Serbs kill them in the 1990s.

But the gravest sin was in how he advertised his Intelligence: "I read Waugh, I read all da Classics, so hear me roar!" This beardo deperately wants to make sure you know that he's slumming and taking away from his studious intvestigation of Da Classics to explain how stupid law enforcement is.

Whatever the truth is to those Utah killings, it won't be from this guy's predictions.

Are you shocked that the author of "The Pussification of America" is impressed with this kind of dross?

meep [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Really? Progressive guys are using Mansfield Park now? I thought they'd stick to something more obvious like Foucault or Toni Morrison.

After all, Austen ain't against the patriarchy, she just liked to show the bad examples of patriarchy along with the good. And the bad actors always end up with their just deserts in the traditional morality of the day (and the patriarchs seem to get off pretty easily), such as Maria getting shuttered with Mrs. Norris for the rest of her youth, which I found to be a delicious punishment for both bad actors.

I suppose any work can be twisted to any political (or chick-picking-up) purpose.

Let me help: you don't have to approach it from the angle that Americans are idiots really ...people are idiots. Idiocy knows no borders dear. Looking around, it's pretty obvious it must be some kind of genetic Darwinian natural selection thing.

...or something.

I'm sure you can do a better - and vastly more entertaining - job than I on expounding upon the liklihood.

Andrew: I rather agree with the "pussification" essay, though it wasn't one of his best, and there are points here and there I could argue with if I felt like it, which I don't really.

What I am saying is normally Kim seems to be pretty good at spotting a bullshitter, but this time he seems to have missed one. Possibly because this Flemming guy believes his own bullshit. (It's so much easier to spot one when they are knowingly leading you on.)

Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Are they impressing chicks with ``Mansfield Park'' now? That's an improvement. In the early Seventies it was some paperback novel by Herman Hesse (I think the title was ``Damien'') which had a couple of naked people on the cover.

In my day it was Interview With the Vampire, or any of Anne Rice's other vampire sagas.

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