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Conservatives are a joke

Thanks again, Fox Television, you assholes.

(Whether we like it or not, the ability to be funny, as opposed to being the butt of the joke, is essential for success in these here United States. As long as the general public -- no matter how conservative they actually are themselves -- think of "conservative" as being synonymous with words like "uptight" and "humorless," we can continue to expect liberals to run the show. I don't make up the facts, I just report them.)

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I felt nauseated when I first heard about the show around a week ago. It was clear it was going to suck.

But even worse, I knew a lot of public conservatives were going to make themselves look like idiots for trying to prop it up and convince everyone it's superhilarious and really hip!

Oh man, that was painfully bad. Steve H.'s commentary on it was hilarious, though. One of the worst things about the Surnow show clip is -- as Steve pointed out -- they actually managed to tell an unfunny fart joke. How do you screw up a fart joke? It takes a special kind of incompetence to do that.

Just lame, sad and really embarrassing for conservatives...

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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