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Now the time has come

There's no place to run...

I accepted this a long time ago but then I'm old enough to remember the Teheran "hostage crisis" -- i.e., the day the fanatical Muslim jihadists declared war on the non-Muslim world:

Iraq is merely a front in wider regional — and indeed, global — war. Iran declared war on the west in 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini announced his intention of conquering the west for Islam. The response of the west has been to ignore the fact that war was thus declared upon it, as was demonstrated by attacks upon it ever since by Iran — along with the Sunni/Wahhabi Islamists, who were both its deadly theological rivals for regional hegemony and at the same time its allies in the war against the free world.

Incidentally, the reason so many Americans -- many of whom may know just enough about the differences between various "schools" of Muslim thought to think that they know all they need to know -- refuse to accept the last bit about Sunni/Shi'ite alliances of necessity, is because Americans on the whole tend to stop developing their personality after they graduate high school. Especially liberal types -- usually these are the "sensitive" kids whose treatment at the hands of what they describe as a crass, jock-loving, smart-kid-hating school milieu developed the persecution complexes that they have inflicted upon the rest of us ever since. So when they hear about two groups who apparently hate each other being described as "allies" they can't comprehend it -- would the jocks and the nerds get together at Anywhereville High, USA, for any reason? Shyeah, right.

(Via Instapundit. Title and first sentence from these lyrics.)

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Sounds like the same reason that the "common front" technique is so effective, because it would follow that if you are allied, you can't be enemies.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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