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There, dammit

I didn't really want to go pale, but some screen resolutions hated the skinny-columned "Vicksburg" stylesheets, and the dark one made my head ache. Also you couldn't really see links. So anyway, it's this one for a while.

In me news -- I confirmed the bed will be delivered tomorrow. Of course I didn't completely clean the room like I planned -- work this week was, of course, extra-heavy on the hectic, and today was particularly wearing. And I've just had it physically, so I decided to open the bottle of Covey Run riesling I bought at Publix. It was a good choice -- I'll be buying that one again.

Anyway, I finally decided that the cat wasn't eating because she didn't like the expensive vet-approved cat food. It's always been this way with any cat I have the care of -- they refuse to eat anything "good" for them, they want the crap cat food. Well, I bought some of her favorite brand name, and she not only showed eagerness to eat for the first time in nearly two weeks, but she chowed it down. So that's that. She still has to take her pill, though -- today she didn't give me too much trouble as I shoved it into her little gullet, probably because she could see the plate of food waiting.

And last but not least, the very needy neighbor lady is going to move in with her daughter. Thank God -- and not just for my own selfish need to be alone, but because she is too frail to live by herself. She keeps falling down, for one thing, and one day she's going to really get hurt. I'm glad her relatives have finally come through. Now I just have to keep her from giving me things. (Already successfully headed off -- the offer of a corner tv stand I don't need, as my tv already has plenty of things to stand on. Actually, I am going to be dragging more than a few furniture pieces of my own to the dumpster soon if I can't give them away.)

Well, that's my exciting life. I am exhausted and will probably go to bed soon. Nite.

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...I actually had to use the "select all text" mouse-drag technique with posts to read them, with the black background stylesheet. I loathed it muchly. Indeed.

Sorry, the site (or something) seems to be having some problems.

CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:

On the upside, you can see the Chopping Guy much better with this theme.

True, even though I think this image was developed with dark backgrounds in mind. Oh well, too bad.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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