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I haven't been blogging much lately because I've kind of been preoccupied with things. One of them is the arrival of my new platform bed. It came yesterday, and I finally got a good night's sleep. This is, in fact, the first nice bed I've ever owned -- all the others were those cheap metal regular beds (the kind for box spring/mattress combos), and last, my futon frame, which is several years old and really wasn't for long-time sleep use. So good-bye to this:


And hello to my new best friend:


The thing doesn't move -- no more groaning of springs and wobbliness, no more having to prop the thing up with a plastic file crate so it doesn't fall over (because the middle support for one side of the futon broke and had to be thrown out), etc. So that is the last of the major furniture purchases.

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Annalucia [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey, I think I have that same futon couch in my living room. It's actually pretty good to sleep on (I retreat there sometimes when my husband's snoring threatens to crack the ceiling plaster) but if you have no other bed *except* that one I can see where the lumps and valleys would get tiresome after a while.

That's a handsome new bed. Enjoy.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I love your new bed. After breaking my back in a motorcycle crash, Hubby & I got twin beds, back-supporter mattresses & all. I love 'em, they've done well for nearly 10 years. I like not having to figger out how to stand up from the squatting position most regular beds put me in, too.

Platforms may be in order when these need to be replaced, so thanks for the picture, I think they'd fit in just fine (especially since I'm not all that picky about style when COMFORT is involved).

Platforms are low compared to regular beds, though, so they may not work out for you.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks for confirming that, Andrea. I wonder if it'd be possible to build the platform higher, then use underneath for cat amusement or storage bins?

Doesn't matter. I don't need a bed just yet... I really gotta get some housework done, my brain is turning to sludge!

You could get those bed-raisers. I recently helped the neighbor lady remove them from under her bed -- she had them so she could store a bunch of plastic bins, but as she is elderly and fragile she was afraid to sleep in her own bed, it being so high.

West Elm has a tall wood bed frame, which is basically a platform bed though you can use it with a regular mattress and box spring. It was something I had thought of buying if the outlet stores hadn't anything I wanted. It apparently stands 15 inches high.

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