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Everybody's heard about the bird

I think that this is pretty much the definitive George-Bush-plastic-turkey wrap-up.

One final note: so I am not the only person on earth who looks askance at the Thanksgiving tradition of serving up lumps of orange-dyed, sweetened library paste, a.k.a. "sweet potatoes." In the South (maybe elsewhere, I don't know) we do them even worse -- think canned "yams" with marshmallows melted all over them, waaarrgghhh! I did, however, find that sweet potato fries, sprinkled liberally with salt, are quite good, as are sweet potato chips.

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Rita [TypeKey Profile Page]:

OTOH, yams baked with fresh pineapple chunks are pretty yummy, as are sliced sweet potatoes fried in butter & seasoned with cinnamon & ginger. I'm with you on the baked w/marshmellows. That's disgusting.

I find that the sweetness of sweet potatoes is too overpowering, and adding more sweet stuff to it generally doesn't help. My parents loved the things (they used the canned yams) and had them often at the dinner table, and we kids weren't allowed to not eat everything on our plate. My usual method of coping was to douse them with as much butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon as I could, but it was always a battle choking them down. Something about the texture, and as well the particular kind of sweetness of the potato -- a kind of mustiness. I now find that the only way I can eat them is to cut the sweet taste with something salty. I guess I'm just weird.

Rita [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey I dip my french fries in a chocolate milkshake and eat potato chips with ice cream so I don't think that's weird at all.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

They're pretty ok fried with pico de gallo, too.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The canned ones suck however you fix them. I thought I despised sweet potatoes until I had one baked, just like a "real" potato. Not bad at all. And then, once In Georgia I had them done like potato chips and those were excellent.

So what's with the canned ones predominating? Sure, you can get canned regular potatoes (usually small peeled white ones) but they're an aberration and not the dominant species. It's not hard to buy and keep a bag of potatoes, why aren't yams marketed the same way?

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