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Can a retard also be a traitor?

John Kerry seems a little jealous of all the attention Jimmy "Dhimmi" Carter has been getting, so he's decided to upstage the senile old coot and openly suck up to one of our enemies in front of God and everybody. Oh, and that "left hand" of Khamenei's is so a fake -- the real one is shoved up Kerry's ass, the better to manipulate the Lurch-like senator in fine puppetmaster style. I supposed I'd better start looking up burqa patterns on the internet.

(Via Ace of Spades, who seems uncharacteristically to have been failed by words. The antics of Our Betters on the left have that effect on a lot of people.)

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werner [TypeKey Profile Page]:

The real question is: why can a retard be a senator?

Have the people of Massachusetts no shame?

I can attest to the fact that a lot of anti-Americanism is made in America, by Americans who behave as if the rest of the world is just a stage for them. How are foreigners to know better? But if those foreigners happen to be enemies, it gets worse. Kerry is rapidly becoming like those Israel-hating Jews like Norman Finkelstein - a figleaf for terrorists. Another Ramsey Clarke.

And when their work is done people like him will turn around and moan that their country has lost standing.

Polly [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I love you, Andrea. . . . in a strictly heterosexual, admiration sort of way.

I am so sick of idiots on the left (Kerry, Carter) and the right (Dinesh D'Souza and his apologists) kissing Islamist ass. These morons will be the death of us.

Brentbo [TypeKey Profile Page]:

From the same article:

"Kerry criticized what he called the 'unfortunate habit' of Americans to see the world 'exclusively through an American lens.'"

No Senator, you’re wrong. All my life I’ve watched Americans struggle to see through a North Vietnamese lens, a Viet Cong lens, a Chinese lens, a Soviet Russian lens, and now a Islamic lens, both the Shiite and Sunni versions. If anything, Americans are too naive and credulous about our foes. The real problem, Senator Kerry, is the class of political elites that refuse to see through an American lens, ever. You seem to have forgotten there is such a thing.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I don't buy your analogy, Susan. D'Souza is not an elder statesman of the Republican Party, he is not a former President, he is not a former or current Presidential candidate, and he is not a serving politician. Compared to the other two you mention he's not even a blip on the radar.

As for Kerry, I would dearly love for somebody to ram his words down his throat when he returns. Bush spends more money in Africa and on AIDS than Clinton ever did, and Lurch himself voted against ratifying Kyoto so long as it exempted developing nations such as China and India.

But the lame media is going to roll over for Ketchup Boy once again. If any negative comment reaches him, it will be explained away as a botched joke.

Yeah, that's it - what he meant was that Jorje Busk stoopid! Kil Iraki baybee!

Hi Steve,

You're right...I realize that what Kerry and Carter does matters a lot more than D'Souza's stupid book. However I can't help but be alarmed when people on the right act like we can make nice with Islamists because they (supposedly) don't like abortion either and because of crap culture like "Girls Gone Wild". The thing is, the Islamists are hypocrites and really do not share the "family values" of the religious right.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You're dead on there, Susan. As I keep saying, the jihadis hate Pope Benedict as much as they hate Madonna (the current one, not the religious one, but they hate her too, so skip it). We can't make nice with them, there's nothing we can do to get them to leave us alone other than to surrender to them (and of course, "Islam" means "Surrender," whatever Oprah thinks).

And that isn't going to happen while I am still standing. And there are millions more like me they'll have to get through too.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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