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I'm sick of stupid PC-obsessed liberals, reason no. 786,934

Really, I'm sick of this: today's liberals are so obsessed with not being mistaken for Haters!™ that they can't even read straight. Note to Jim Henley (whose cutesy liberal sincere/snark shtick wore off on me long ago): your self-righteous diatribe and a quarter won't even get you a phone call these days. And your "correction" -- where you stand by calling Steyn a "douchebag" for, well, I don't know, daring to reveal something about Muslims that clearly makes you uncomfortable makes you look even more like an idiot. (Via Ace of Spades.)

PS: by the way, concerning that whole treating of Islam as some sort of race -- has no one checked the birthrate of white girls that go Muslim and marry? I'll bet it's higher than that of their non-Muslim counterparts. Or is that racist to speculate that people might base their childbearing decisions on something other than their skin color?

Next Day Update: if only our leaders were as dismissive of these past-their-shelf-lives loons. (Via Kathy Shaidle.)

Now in me news: one of the HVAC units outside my window (not the one connected to my a/c, at least) is making a hideous loud rattling noise. That's just great. This sort of thing never, and I mean never, happens when the office is open. It always happens at 3am, or on Sundays and holidays.

Just sticking this here update: guess what -- right after I called the emergency maintenance number (for the aforementioned hideous loud rattling noise outside my window) the noise stopped. Someone must have turned their thermostat up -- or else I have special psychic powers that really would have been convenient in many other circumstances previous to this. I'm not getting rid of my microwave just yet... (And yes, I know which unit it is -- I went outside and checked.)

And a little later...: it started up again. Grr.

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It seems Lovely Daughter would rather live in an apartment than a mobile home, which would be MY choice...(and has been, more than once) - your experience with the noises of others is probably my biggest reason for preferring the metal box. Thankfully, she found one, will probably be moving the first of the year. But I just hate apartments, & that includes the duplex "townhome" thing that was the only base housing I ever lived in.

Oh lordy, am I anywhere near the topic? Crap...btw, Andrea, I thought of something really funny having to do with your psychic powers, but it went off somewhere & hasn't come back yet...if it does, I'll let you know...

I've lived in a mobile home, and unless it's brand, spanking new, don't want to repeat the process. Not to mention they aren't the safest things in the world during a hurricane.

I've gotten used to apartments. There are irritations that come with every form of living. I'd like to be able to afford to rent a house but on the other hand don't want all those rooms to clean. (I'd want nothing bigger than a two-bedroom, and those aren't easy to come by these days.)

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

We have a 2br house cuz we knocked down a wall a couple years back to make the little bedroom into the office nook. Opened it up nice, it doesn't seem like the place is barely 1000 sq.ft. this way. The yard, however, is huge. When I was younger, I didn't want the added trouble & expense of a yard. Now I have a little help (VERY little) & am working it into a lower level of care due to age & patience.

You're right, all of 'em have their pros & cons - & my pros might be your cons. Biggest reason we have this place is we bought it in 91 after renting for 2 years & couldn't sell it before we transferred, so we rented it out. NOW I like it, but for years it was a real pain in my rear. Old (1955) working-class neighborhood, across from NAS Jax, just off I-295. NOW it fits me. It has a Hawaiian Blue metal roof & I painted it Kaneohe Bay Green with Hawaiian Blue trim & shutters...& My Chief made those shutters for it that attach at the top. When they're up, it's a cool lookin' little house. Weird, too - I have a ti tree in the house, just across the room from the Christmas tree. Which means there's not much else in the living room, seein' as how it's only about 10x13.

We're a bit unconventional around here, I think...

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