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Stuff, the randomness

Ho-lee shit! I haven't read the last Harry Potter book. Well, there's something to add to the reading list. (Currently occupied by the post-mortem Dorothy Sayers nobel Thrones, Dominations -- verdict so far: "eh.") What I really want to do is to amass a nice set of HP paperbacks -- I'm not a hardback junkie, not with all the moves I've made. I gave away my random set of HP books in the last move. But I think I may need a refresher course before I embark on the final volume. Or not. I also should probably see the movies over -- I generally like the movies.

To jump to a not entirely unrelated topic, I will now confess I have a weakness for that Harry-Potter-grownup look (one reason I am single -- those who fit that bill are still men, and men are "much of a muchness" -- also they want me to talk to them and stuff, and I'm like busy, go away...) -- anyway. I went ahead and ordered the 3rd season of Doctor Who on dvd. I didn't think I'd like the revival -- I didn't like any of the Whos after Tom Baker -- but then along came David Tennant. It's also all part of my eventual rejection of cable tv. Really. I hardly watch all the channels I pay for (how much CSI: Miami and the Animal Planet and Murder She Wrote can a person watch?), except for BBC America, and that's only because of Doctor Who (drool), Torchwood (droolish, but uneven, and rather ostentatiously not for kids, but it's set in Wales, and thereby hangs a tale involving my childhood preoccupations, obsession with Susan Cooper's

(pause: I just killed another mosquito, with which my apartment is infested, but in the doing so I spilled my scotch and soda which PISSES ME OFF. Fucking mosquitos. Also Pandora radio keeps playing boring shit on my stations. Who can I kill?)

... fantasy novels and stuff, and so on I forget.) My father got to go to Cardiff when he went to Europe but I didn't, so all I have is a twenty-four-year-old map of the town that he brought me. I will remedy that on my trip to blighty.

What was I talking about.

Oh -- I bought the dvds, but scifi tv spinoff gadgets tend to leave me cold. Then again, a screwdriver is easier to handle with five human fingers than those iPod thingies and everything else credit-card-shaped. But I used to have a little credit-card-shaped flashlight that the weedy intellectual ex-BF gave me. Only it burned out.

Speaking of which: I kept meaning to add Violins and Starships to my blog list, and kept forgetting. The oversight is now seen to.

Note: there is a musical group called "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness." No, really, their song is playing right now on one of my Pandora.com stations. I guess you can't get the goth out of the girl.

Update: if you follow this entry all the way through and can figure out what the hell I'm talking about you get some kind of prize, for patience anyway. What can I say, the thought of following the Democratic debate just bores the fuck out of me. Let Michelle Malkin do all that for you.

Update 2 or whatever: shut up! NFW! If you are against this what pussies you are and we are so doomed just GO AHEAD AND FIT YOUR GIRLFRIENDS FOR BURKAS.

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El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

(pause: I just killed another mosquito, with which my apartment is infested, but in the doing so I spilled my scotch and soda which PISSES ME OFF. Fucking mosquitos. Also Pandora radio keeps playing boring shit on my stations. Who can I kill?)

Ummmm Andrea, didn't see your name listed, but by some chance did you play the part of Grendel's mother?

No, not me -- if they had chosen me, I'd have played it right, claws and all.

Their loss.

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'm sure you would have.

Yep, their fucking loss.

Actually, I think the best Beowulf takeoff so far was the Antonio Banderas vehicle The 13th Warrior. It was marred only by hard-to-hear dialogue, and now I have a dvd player of my own. I'll get a copy and put closed-captioning on. (20 years of rock concerts have destroyed my hearing.)

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

(20 years of rock concerts have destroyed my hearing.)


Getting poked in the eyes by several pair of good size racks, affected me eyes, too.

OK...Done showing my ass, this evening...Check ya later, dear Claw lady...lol.

Done showing my ass

Erm.... TMI! But I won't tell. "Discretion" is the Spleenville watchword, along with "dollars in small denominations."

El Cid [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Can you spell "Discretion", little Jimmy?

Yes Ma'am...b-l-a-c-k-m-a-i-l...:).

And for fuck sakes (concerning the cops) no one has to worry about "disbanding the SWAT team", they'll just add more members to go along with the three that are kneeling (or somewhat) and don't have these chickies, 'handling' their weapons.

Reason, the others (that are) are still in fucking divorce court and have been reassigned to desk duty.

OH and trust me, I'm all for chickies 'handling my weapon'...just not the kind that fire sharp pointy things, at high velocity.

aelfheld [TypeKey Profile Page]:

If you're looking for a cure for Anglophilia, this may be of some use: http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30100-1293138,00.html

I note that it's aimed at the Belgians. Why they want to attract Belgians to Britain I have no idea.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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