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I Robot, by Rabelais

What did I tell you? I'm not the only one who sees the Hillary campaign for prez as what it is: a shameless bid to the large component of the American public that swoons over the idea of having "their" president (that is, the male half of the Billary) back in the White House.

Or as I have said elsewhere:

I know plenty of people who would vote for her just to get him back. These people are convinced that Bill Clinton was a great president. See, instead of being some sort of Big Daddy authority figure, he was just like them—sexually loose, obsessed with being liked, eager to win over the MTV generation, and rock stars and actors just lurved him (and we all know that celebrities are today’s saints and heroes).

They may not like Hilary all that much or even believe in anything she espouses. But they are so desperate to get eight more years of the Big He that they’ll vote for her. And you want another cold finger of doom up your spine? Chelsea Clinton is 27 years old. She’s old enough to run for office, and in less than ten years she’ll be old enough to run for president. You think daddy won’t be there to offer his “help and advice”? The best thing we can hope for is all those Big Macs catch up with the bastard.

It's a bad thing to awaken my contempt for my fellow citizens. Now I'll be in a bad mood for the rest of the weekend.

(Previous link also via Kathy Shaidle.)

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