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Thag you very buch

Hi folks. I'm back in my apartment. It turned out I didn't have as much time on the internet as I thought I would this week. And then last night there was a storm over the friend's apartment where I was staying that kicked out their internet.

I did, however, get to drive my friend around in their brand-new car. This was the first time in nearly four years I'd been behind the wheel. I was afraid I wouldn't remember how, but it was just like hopping back on a bicycle. Better even -- I wasn't afraid of falling and scraping my face off on the pavement. I also was reminded how Central Florida is a sucky place to drive in.

So the next thing to work on is a car and a job. Of course, I either have the first cold I've had in ages, or a really bad allergy to something. Hopefully I won't still be stuffed up on Monday, when I've got to go take my resume and pound the pavement. So much for my "severance pay vacation."

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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