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Stupid Political Campaign Trick of the Day

Someone by the name of Mike H(f)uck(head)abee is apparently running for some kind of political office. His campaign is apparently aimed at people with the IQs of paste. I just removed an off-topic spam comment on one of the blogs I maintain from some void-skull who pasted a link to this Mike Hu(nt)ckabee's blog. Then I wandered over to said blog and left the following comment:

You know what. Spamming random blog comment sites is not the way to get votes. I will ban the IP address of anyone who leaves any of your links in any of the comment threads of the websites I run, and I will pass the word far and wide that your campaign is inept and your followers incredibly stupid.

It hasn't shown up yet so they'll probably delete it from their moderation queue (all the other comments were fawning fanboy offers to give him blowjobs and have his babies). Anyway, you have been warned. I wouldn't vote for this guy -- the five seconds I spent on his site assured me he is just another bland cardboard cutout in a suit.

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CGHill [TypeKey Profile Page]:, by chance?

No, It's probably phished, or whatever the word is, but I banned it anyway.

Rita [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Feel my pain. He was our governor for the past ka-billion years. Thank God for term limits. He created our No Child With A Big Behind laws, took junk food out of schools and pushed the statewide smoking ban into effect....not to mention the 'covenant' marriage law, under which it practically takes a legislative act to get divorced. For you see not only has he found Jay-sus (he's a preacher), he also discovered exercise & health food....and so should the rest of us.

OTOH, we not only had a budget surplus under his term we also recently revoked part of the state sales tax. So he's not all bad.

Sounds like he'd make a GREAT president. Of someplace like Uzbekistan.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Here's hoping Andrea's trip is going well...looks like the weather may be pretty clear till she gets south of Jax, at least. And that's tomorrow, isn't it?

ricki [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Eh. His followers are just typical of his attitudes. I really, really hope he doesn't get anywhere near the nomination. Because, you know? I really don't want more government intrusion into my life, and based on what he did when he was Gov., I suspect as Pres. it would be worse.

(And dammit, I don't care about tax rebates if someone's going to be sticking their nose in my refrigerator.)

And with a majority D Congress....well, I'm afraid the 7-day-waiting-period-to-buy-Oreos (unless you're a politician) would slide through slick as snot.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ricki, you seem to have as much trust in our 'esteemed' public servants as I do. I was looking at Huckabee simply because he's not one of the regular crowd...but if he's just another Big Government NannyState RINO, I'm glad I found out now.

Have we come to the point where NO Elected Official is willing to fight to do the job that needs to be done, but any Honorable Man or Woman wouldn't take the job? Is this really a nation now of Us (Regular Americans) vs Them (Politicians & Their Friends)?

How sad...

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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