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Life in the slow lane

Home at last. My cats still recognized me. I have seen more of North Carolina than I wanted to see -- quite unintentionally. Let's just say that four years of not driving were much too long, and I have lost much of my "driving brain." I suppose it didn't help that I had to concentrate on gear-shifting, after about twenty-five years of avoiding all such activities. To anyone who wants to learn to drive a stick-shift: I can tell you the driving across (well, back and forth and back and forth) several states method does work. The cattle-prod method may also work but as I drove alone there was no one to manipulate the prod.

And now I have a car. Details coming up.

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prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Andrea, it's really none of my bidniss, but I'm curious - what kind of car do you have??? If it's a really cool car, will you post a picture like Tim does?

Back to making shepherd's pie now, thanks!

A '95 Toyota Tercel. I've just come from taking photos (yes, I did carry my camera all over four states without taking it out once), and am working on the Epic Car Trip post. By the way, part of the post will be the terrifying Wild Ride Through Jacksonville, where the expressway interchanges were obviously based on M.C. Escher designs.

Ah, Jacksonville. Of course, I tended to avoid freeway junctions during my one visit there, mainly thanks to the one at I-10 and I-95 that I had to traverse to get to our hotel.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey, I avoid 'em myself, and I live here, right off 295@US17...that's about the only part of the freeways I use at all, & only if I have to. I use 10 or 95 ONLY to get outta town. Glad you made it through, Andrea, & REALLY glad you didn't have to do it in the pouring rains that ran through town all day yesterday.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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